Fetal Distress-A Silent Cause of Premature Birth and Still Birth

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At the point when a specialist or midwife sees signs that a child is unwell amid pregnancy, or isn’t doing well for labor, they may call it fetal distress. Fetal distress alludes to a strange condition that occurs in a pregnant lady, which may happen just before the time of delivery or during the labor.


Fetal distress is fairly common. One in four labors or births is affected by fetal distress. There are multiple possible causes of fetal distress. This can happen due to a low level of oxygen coming to the baby from maternal blood. Or if there is an inadequate blood flow as a result of compression of the umbilical cord.

Other causes are:

  • Reduced uterine perfusion
  • Breathing problems
  • Multiple Births-when expecting more than one babies to be sure to trust only the best gynecologist. You can find and consult the best gynecologists in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan via marham.pk.
  • Fetal abnormal position
    treatment for fetal distress
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Uteroplacental disease
  • Fetal sepsis during the pregnancy
  • Nuchal cord
  • Cases of uterine rupture

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What Happens If Your Baby Is Showing Signs Of Distress?

  • Sometimes there are clear signs that show your baby is in distress and further tests wouldn’t be in your baby’s best interests.
  • If there is any confusion or uncertainty then your doctor should make absolutely sure before taking any severe actions.
  • If your doctor or midwife suspects about fetal distress then they may touch the scalp of your baby or may take a blood sample from your baby’s scalp to test the oxygen level.
  • The interventions of a maternal-fetal medicine specialist might be needed. To find and consult the best maternal-fetal medicine specialist in Lahore, Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan visit marham.pk.
  • If a test shows sample is well-oxygenated then labor is likely to carry as it is. But if the oxygen level is very low then it shows fetal distress and you may need immediate help to give quick birth to your baby.

fetal distress causes


  • Quick delivery is highly recommended
  • Emergency C-section birth where normal vaginal delivery is not advised for the patient.
  • Mother has to be well hydrated
  • Mother has to be monitored for sufficient oxygen supply


  • Some studies have shown that cases of fetal distress that are left untreated and did not manage well by doctors or midwives can lead the baby to the damage of brain or in worst cases death might be the result.

Fetal distress might be evident by the reduced movement of the baby at any time during pregnancy. If you feel anything against the routine of your baby movement be sure to visit your hospital and get assessed to avoid any mishap. You can also find best Gynecologists in Pakistan and all other famous cities.

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