FIFA Fever, 5 healthy habits you really want to know about favorite players.

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Although Pakistan is not the part of FIFA world cup. But there is hardly anyone that is not taking interest in regular matches. Moreover, this fever is not just restricted to match but people are crazier about players as well. When it comes to following favorite player some youngsters are interested in copying hairstyles and other want to be athletes like them. Lionel Messi, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Mohamed Salah are some names that can get attention without introduction because they are emerging their names in football world cups. There are some key nutrition points that these players and strictly following and you must also. You can also book the best nutritionist in Pakistan from


As carbohydrates are the source of fuel for muscles and brain. Players mostly need a bit more amount of carbs than a regular person. If any of you wants to be football player in near future start taking more carbohydrates from now. Milk, yogurt, beans are the primary source of carbohydrates. But keep in mind that no food plan can be followed without consultation of doctors.

Fifa fever and health
Fifa fever and health


As all of us knows that our body contains a maximum percentage of proteins. Either it is hair or it is muscles all contain proteins. Athletes especially lose protein because of heavy practice and workout routine. Eating chicken, fish or red meat helps players to maintain protein in their body. 60 to 75 grams intake of protein in lunch and dinner would really help those who want to do workout and look like their favorite FIFA player. You can now book the best doctors in Lahore via

Fifa fever and health
Fifa fever and health


It’s very obvious when you run and practice a lot then you may lose minerals from the body. These minerals can be fulfilled by proper intake of water. Water intake is a big issue in present generation. They consider it as a punishment. Youngsters can go for all fizzy and unhealthy drinks but not water. Learn this habits from your FIFA player because they keep themselves hydrated.

Daily Portions

There must be a chart of daily diet which defines portions of all important nutrients that body needs. Each day you need portions of protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamin as well. These are the healthy options that can also give variety of taste. It may look boring but when you properly adopt it, it will help you to become what you dreamed of. You can now also book best General practitioner in

Food and social gatherings.

Food is directly related to a social gathering. So there is no point in saying no to food in social gatherings. It’s a myth that your favorite player do so. They do enjoy food in gatherings but there is always a moderate amount of food that they enjoy

This how all FIFA players stay on point during matches and rest of the year too. These habits also lower the risk of injury and boost energy. Fever of FIFA must give you something positive to learn about.

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