Flat Head Syndrome; Flat Head In Newborn Babies

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When a bundle of joy, a baby is born a sudden bittersweet change in the life of mommy comes. Especially when it is your first baby you will hear a lot of views regarding every single movement of your baby. In the end it is left upon the clueless mom to decide what is good or bad for the baby.

The most talked about topic for the first few months becomes the positioning of the baby. “Shaping” baby’s head is a cultural norm that had been mostly followed by developing countries since ages. If you are a new mom then you must be hearing different opinions regarding “Your baby’s head is too round, make his head”, “Keep baby’s head on a hard surface”, “Baby’s head is very long, keep his head on a plate or even on a floor”

My question to all the people are God has created a baby in a mother’s womb. He made sure to bless your kid with all the organs, made his face, arms, legs and everything. Do you really think He has left the development of most sensitive part to you?

In this article, we will talk about the consequences that you might have to face if you will press or keep baby’s head on a hard surface for a very long time.

Pressing and trying to make a head shape may affect brain development. Flat Head Syndrome also is known as positional Plagiocephaly is a condition in which one side of the baby’s head is more flat than the other side. It is a positional disorder. Following are some of its causes:

  • Baby lies in one direction for long durations
  • His head is positioned at one angle for a long duration

Prevention is always better than cure so following are some of the ways that can opt to prevent Flat head syndrome:

Tummy Time

Give your baby time off her back. Place your baby on a belly for 10-15 minutes (If possible) at least 3 times a day. It will reduce the number of hours baby sleeps with his head in one direction. You can also take help from the best pediatric specialist. 

Don’t Overuse Infant Seats

Overuse of baby’s swings, seats, and bouncers can result in a flat spot because they restrict the movement of baby’s head and neck.

Bring Variation In Baby’s Activities

Take your baby to new locations, so that they can look around and change his/her positions to stimulate his senses that are important for his growth.

Baby Wearing:

Parents who wear babies prevent them from the flat spot by keeping them in an upright position. The more they will stay in an upright position the more their neck and head muscles will become strong.

Bring Change In The View

Encourage baby to change his/her head’s position by providing him with multiple stimuli. Place a musical mobile above the cot; add different colorful pictures in the room so that he keeps looking around. You can also take help from the best pediatric specialist anytime.

So next time if someone tells you that your baby’s head isn’t in shape please don’t put them on a hard surface, positioning is the key. Just position your baby right, don’t let him lie in either right or left side for long intervals and you are good to go.  You can also take help from the best pediatric specialist anytime.

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