Why Do I Get Flu Every Time Winters Arrive?

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AAAAChooo!! Why do I Get Flu Every Time Winters Arrive?

It’s a common question which boils in every person’s mind when the season of winter starts. And most people don’t even get satisfactory flu prevention tips. They keep on thinking about how a season can possibly affect the body. This article is supposed to help you understand why we love to sneeze at the slightest hint of cool breeze!

What Is Flu Actually?

Flu is actually influenza or we can also call this as Influenza Respiratory Illness. Its major symptoms are found to be:

  1. Common cold,
  2. Runny eyes and runny nose,
  3. Headache followed by often cough and throat infection.

Moreover, it is highly contagious which actually means that it can be easily transmitted from one person to another through germs in the air left-over by the sneezes (you should always either sneeze in a paper towel or on a crossed elbow to prevent making people around you sick!)

Flu & Winters- A Husband Wife Relation

There is an important relation of flu with the winter season. Like some wives who like to stick to their husbands all the time no matter wherever they go. Likewise, people think that in winters they will definitely catch flu due to the cold weather. However, the truth is that it has a strong connection with sunlight rather than the winter season!

As the days are short and the sunlight is minimized in winters, it is quite possible that a person can catch flu. Certainly when they have not worn worm clothes or covered their heads properly. The level of melatonin (a hormone which regulates sleeping and waking cycles) and Vitamin D decreases which makes the immune system weaker resulting in triggering flue germs to make you sick.

Flu Prevention Tips:  

By observing all of these factors, the best way is to get rid of this flu by sitting in the sunlight as much as you can. In case of the infection increases, it’s always a good idea to either take a medicine prescribed by the doctor or get nebulized twice a day in case of breathing issues.

If you want some online consultation in Pakistan specifically then find a doctor online by searching on Google or you may visit the websites which list certified doctors. You can even leave a message to doctors online and it is now certain that they will reply back with advice.

Few Most Popular General Physicians In Pakistan:

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