Follow these 6 Simple Tricks and See Your Kids Loving Books

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Your kid is not interested in reading and you are perplexed about it. Try these little hacks to make your little world a big fan of reading.

Be a Role Model:

Kids take the cues from their elders. So be their model in every aspect, they love copying you. Read good books to inspire your child or say his elder siblings to study in front of him. This will keep the little one to come close to books.

Give Him Books at Younger Age:

You buy toys for your beloved child from his first birthday and after 5th birthday you want that he should like books. Perhaps now he has developed his love for toys. So stop doing this. Buy some interesting book for him early and develop his love for books.

Visit Nearby Library:

Visiting a park or zoo is exciting and refreshing but you should try visiting a library and a brief discussion about some interesting book and author will develop the interest of reading in your child.

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Add the Books to Life:

Never keep the books away from your life. If your child is interested in some newly seen thing of the book try to show it in real life. If he does not understand some proverb try to make it clear with an example of daily life. Give him reminders about what he read. On dining table say that this is the meat of buffalo which my daughter saw in the book. It will keep your child linked to the book.

Keep Pages Altering:

To study the same page and the same thing will make the child grow bored of it. He wants to see new things every day. Keep the pages altering to grasp his interest otherwise world has a lot of the things to snatch his interest.

Minimize the Use of Technology:

Television, mobile phones, and computers are good inventions and will help your child in certain ways. But the excess of everything is bad. These things are colorful illusions that can take your child away from books. Minimize the use of these technologies to keep your child interested in books.

  • If these things not work do not lose hope and temper, try to understand child’s problem as it might be something as serious as a learning disability which may hinder your child’s learning. Do not neglect the need to visit a child psychiatrist. To find a psychiatrist in Lahore visit Marham.

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