Foot Pronation and Posture Problems, Causes and Prevention

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Pronation is the natural adjustment and landing movement of the foot during walking and running. Foot pronation is the common problem that affects our posture and it is most common among the adults. It can be due to people wearing shoes that are not supportive or they walk a lot on hard and flat surfaces. It can also be due to weak legs. Our feet are the only body part which comes into contact with the ground so pronation problems related to feet are the source of pain and aches. First, you feel pain in heels and arches than it spread to the ankle and knees and sometimes even to the back. When you play sports you are at risk of injuries since pronation can affect your ability to stand and run it is important to eliminate this problem.

Causes of Foot Pronation and Posture Problems:

There are several causes of foot pronation some are listed below:

  1. It can be due to genetics or due to the old injury as they leave a scar tissue behind so it can cause pain and weakness in future.
  2. When you do not run correctly you may face this problem.
  3. When you become lazy and involve in too little activity you can suffer from posture problems.
  4. Your body becomes stiff when you start aging and this problem is common in adults.
  5. Exercise is recommended but if you do it too much or you stand for long periods you can face heel pain.
  6. It is very important for runners as well as common people to wear supportive shoes.
  7. Another reason for this problem is a loss of cartilage which can be due to arthritis.

Prevention of Posture Problems Specially Foot Pronation:

  1. Your orthopedic specialist will make a complete physical exam to look for the pronation and imbalances if any.
  2. You will be recommended to wear shoe inserts this will help in correcting the alignment of the foot.
  3. If the pain is strong you will need physical therapy to cater the problem of foot pronation.
  4. The doctor will prescribe anti-inflammatory medication.

At home, you can apply ice to the feet and elevate your feet and this will help with the swelling and give regular massages to the feet.

Few Most Popular Orthopedic Doctors:

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