7 Top Ganna Juice Benefits You Can’t Ignore!

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How do you beat the scorching heat during summers? Do you prefer to drink sattu drink or ganna juice? I must say a glass full of sugarcane/ganna juice is so refreshing that it can cool you down from head to toe. Apart from its refreshing benefits, it has a lot of health benefits. And after reading this article, you will be well aware of the ganna juice benefits!

Ganna juice is obtained from the sugarcane plant that has the scientific name Saccharum officinarum. The name Saccharum depicts its sugary taste. It has high sugar content and is sweet. The juice obtained from the plant is highly refreshing and sweet when served with ice. The sugarcane plant is grown in different countries of the world. Pakistan also produces a large amount of sugarcane per year. 

Sugarcane juice can be used to produce different products like jaggery, sugar, molasses, biofuel, etc. 

Nutritional Value of Sugarcane Juice:

Sugarcane juice or ganna juice has zero fat, protein, fibre and no cholesterol. It has a high amount of natural sugars. Moreover, It contains sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron. 

Drinking a glass of ganna juice provides strength to your bones, boosts your immune system, improves digestion and refreshes your mind and body. 

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Ganna Juice Benefits: 

Sugarcane juice has a high amount of sucrose that provides you with the optimum amount of glucose for your body. It gives you the energy to do the daily tasks of your day. It helps in reducing your fatigue and regain energy levels. 

1. Sugarcane Juice Benefits For Females:

Sugarcane juice is a natural diuretic. It helps in preventing urinary tract infections (UTI) in females. Drinking a glass of ganna juice daily helps in urination during summers when your body is already dehydrated due to heavy sweating. In this way, ganna/sugarcane juice helps prevent UTIs. 

Sugarcane juice is also helpful in preventing acne. It can be used with Fuller’s earth (Multani mitti) as a face mask. 

It is also beneficial for lactating mothers as it improves milk production. 

The best time to drink sugarcane juice is right after the workout or before noon. It provides you with a lot of energy that helps you to regain your strength. 

2. Sugarcane Juice Benefits For Weight Loss:

Sugarcane juice controls your harmful cholesterol levels. It also has natural sugars. That’s why it is helpful in weight loss. The soluble fibre present in ganna juice also promotes weight loss.

3. Benefits For Male:

Sugarcane juice is beneficial for both males and females. It provides an extra amount of energy to males. It is also helpful in preventing prostate cancer in males. 

It is also considered a fertility booster. It improves sperm quality. 

4. Sugarcane Juice For Kidneys:

Sugarcane juice is suitable for your kidneys as it controls blood cholesterol levels, has zero fats and low sodium levels. Drinking a glass of ganna juice daily helps your kidney to work correctly. 

5. For Oral Health:

Sugarcane juice has a high amount of minerals like phosphorus and calcium that help make tooth enamel and strengthen the teeth. 

The juice is also suitable for bad breath problems. 

6. For Diabetes:

Apparently, sugarcane can increase blood sugar levels and is not suitable for diabetic patients. But in moderation, it can provide benefits to diabetic patients. As natural sugars have a low glycemic index, they prevent spikes in blood glucose levels.  

7. For Liver:

Sugarcane juice is very healthy for your liver. It is alkaline and maintains the average electrolyte balance. It is suitable for jaundice and hepatitis patients. 

How Much Sugarcane Juice Can I Drink In A Day?

Sugarcane juice is suitable for your digestion, immunity, body organs like the liver, kidneys and maintains a healthy body weight. You can drink 1-2 glasses of sugarcane juice daily to stay active and healthy. 

Sugarcane Juice Disadvantages:

Although sugarcane juice is packed with a lot of nutrients, you should remember its side effects as well. 

Policosanol present in sugarcane can cause; 

  • Insomnia
  • Upset stomach
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches 
  • Weight loss (if consumed excessively)
  • Imbalance cholesterol levels
  • Blood-thinning 

You can further discuss the ganna juice benefits with the best nutritionists in Pakistan and seek expert advice related to the daily consumption of sugarcane juice. 

If you have diabetes or have a cholesterol problem, you can ask your doctor before taking the sugarcane juice. 

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