Good News For Asthmatics: Yes! You Can Beat COVID19

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Considering the situation of COVID19 nowadays, we can not clearly say who is at risk and who is not. Certainly, there are a few risks that we were warned ahead of time about. One of those was asthma. As it is said to be respiratory, it connects directly to asthmatic people and also those who have other respiratory issues. Being an asthmatic myself, it is understandable why this pandemic is a nightmare.

Here are a few things that might be a ray of hope for all the asthmatic people out there!

How Can We Keep Ourselves Safe

All the asthmatic patients know the basics about Preventer and Controller medicines which is the most important practice as soon as the weather changes.
Along with your Preventer and Controller medicines, here is what else you can take care of.

  • Try to minimise the use of disinfectants that can cause an asthma attack
  • Open windows and doors and turn the fan on so it blows the air outside for a fresher environment
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces such as your phones, remotes, tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks daily.
  • Try to pour spray products onto a cleaning cloth or paper towel instead of spraying it directly onto the cleaning surface. The fumes of these sprays can irritate your breathing and can also trigger asthma

At this time, we have to be even more careful about our situation than the normal days. Try and stay away from strong scents, body sprays, powdery products and all other stuff that you’re likely to inhale and upset your breathing.

What Asthmatic People, Also Affected By COVID19 Are Saying!

While writing this article, I wanted to include some real-life experiences too. So, I decided to go through MARHAM’s Facebook group which is a huge community of great people helping each other.

I found a post where someone posted to ask if an asthmatic patient has been affected by COVID19 and here is what they are saying.


1.  We wish your friend a speedy recovery!


2. What a nice thing to hear.


3. The best thing we found in our comments, not only for asthmatics but for other patients too. We pray for the health and safety of everyone’s parents.


4. Being an asthmatic and not facing breathing issues during COVID19 attack, that is something really surprising and delightful. We wish you all the best for your health.

5. COVID19 is said to be both respiratory and vascular disease, but loot at what this comment says!

6. Lastly, someone said a prayer for all of you.


Wishing you all the health and happiness!

Try to be safe and stay at home as much as you can. All these comments are from the people who got lucky and fought the disease but do not forget the ones who’re still dying.

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