Good News Our Way!! UHS Conducting Oxford COVID19 Vaccine Trials In Pakistan

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Many medical companies around the world are working day and night to roll out a COVID19 vaccine as soon as possible but all the news that we are hearing from is not here in Pakistan. This raises our concern that will Pakistan not receive any vaccine? Or, how long will it take to reach us?. There are many other things that cross our minds and leaves us thinking whether will we be safe from COVID19 or not?. Well, I guess it is time that we stop thinking about it because it is great to know that UHS Punjab is starting the Oxford COVID19 vaccine trial in Pakistan now!

This trial is open for around 20,000 people and has already begun.

Oxford University COVID19 Vaccine Trials

Apart from various other ongoing vaccine trials, Oxford university clinical trial of Chadox1 nCov-19 in partnership with AstraZeneca has proved to be the most successful one amongst them all. The data shows that it is really safe and also, appreciated a strong antibody response in all the people who were vaccinated. It is said that this vaccine will have a great reach.

UHS Vaccine Trials In Pakistan

After many other countries, it is time that we also start working on the COVID19 vaccine trials. This is the reason why The University of Health Sciences (UHS) Punjab has already collaborated with the renowned Oxford University to conduct the trials of its COVID19 vaccine in Pakistan.

Registration of volunteers for the COVID-19 vaccine trial has already begun and about 20,000 people will be registered in total. Says the UHS Vice-Chancellor Dr Javed Akram

How Long Can It Take?

It is said that the COVID19 vaccine can take up to two months to be tested here in Pakistan. Permissions were sought from the Government of Pakistan and upon confirmation of the vaccine has been dispatched from the UK. Considering the surging cases of COVID19 in countries around the world, there are various efforts that are being made to develop an effective vaccine against this deadly virus.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The major concern regarding all these vaccines is that will it have any side effects? and what can be the possible reaction after getting vaccinated? According to the healthcare professionals, the vaccine from AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford has shown serious side effects and has escalated antibody and T-cell immune responses. According to the results published in The Lancet medical journal, this vaccine has shown the strongest immune response in people who received two doses.

What Are We Looking Forward To?

This Oxford COVID19 vaccine has been one of the most successful ones till yet and we’re hoping that this will prove successful for us. For making this trial and this vaccine successful, it is important that we keep following our precautionary protocols so we can flatten the curve as soon as we can. It is great to know that we’ve been granted this opportunity, it is important that we value it too.

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