GoodBye COVID19: We’re Almost There!!

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Despite the decision of ending the lockdown early, Pakistan very successfully managed to flatten the curve. The only question which confuses all is what the actual mystery behind the flattening curve is?

Want To Know The Mystery Behind This Situation?

The real mystery behind this whole situation is not only a mystery but also an understandable situation for us all. Including doctors. Scientists and the healthcare workers that are working with COVID19 have said that the most helpful strategies of them all, proved to be lockdowns, excessive testing, and also the contact tracing.

With the passing time, complete lockdown became nearly impossible is a developing country such as Pakistan and the government, giving in to all the situations, had to lift the lockdown all over Pakistan.

Alongside healthcare professionals, scientists, and all the paramedics, media played its own role in creating awareness about the precautions and the outcomes of this situation. Which was later backed by the testing and other measures like quarantine program.

The government worked its best to increase the testing capacity in a very short period to manage the overburdening of our healthcare and also introduced a sophisticated tracking system that ran through the ground to a stronger level. The question remains, how did Pakistan manage to go through the curve flattening and why not the other countries? apart from all the factors mentioned above- which other countries are also following but failing in flattening the curve- there is no other thing that we did to improve the situation. Maybe it is a God gifted chance, are we even taking it seriously?

Are We Still Waiting For The One Big Wave?

The second wave is a real factor that we can not escape. But for that, the first wave needs to end and according to many, the first wave has already ended in Pakistan. While countries like China and Germany have already managed to bring down the infections, there are still many countries out there who are still struggling to get a hang of it. Similarly, a country like Pakistan is still at very great risk of a second wave, especially after Muharram.
Relaxing the restrictions can cause a sudden surge if we do not follow the right protocols. According to WHO, COVID19 can unfold in another global wave because there is no apparent study to prove that COVID19 is a season bound virus.

Follow The SOPs If You Need To Flatten The Curve

Thinking about flattening the curve and saying goodbye to COVID19 makes us happy but what we need to know is that it is only possible in a case when we ourselves properly follow the protocols and take care of the precautionary measures.
Though our lives are almost back to normal we need to remember that the COVID19 pandemic is not over yet. People around the world are considering Pakistan as the blessed country to have been able to see the flattening already but we need to remember that we have to value this blessing and still follow all those precautions we are told about.

If you need a little reminder, here is what you need to follow!

1. Maintain Distance
If you are planning to go out, visiting your friends, see relatives, attend a birthday, dine out or watch a movie, remember that you still have to maintain your safe distance from the people who are not living with you. We are never sure who’s carrying the virus and close contact with any of them can infect you as well.

2. Wear Mask While Going Out
Masks are an essential part of our lives now, be it leaving your home for 5 minutes, you still have to wear a mask no matter what. Outdoors are less unsafe if we’re a mask.

3. Sanitize Whenever It Is Possible
Keep a sanitizer in your bag whenever you are leaving your house because keeping your hands clean should be your first priority. Sanitize every possible time you touch and object or shake hands with someone. These precautions will be a part of our lives for a long time now so, there is no escape from this. If you are experiencing any symptoms or are worried about your loved one’s health, talk to a doctor.

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Stay Home Stay Safe!

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