Guide To Pregnancy Third Trimester

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Congratulations! If you have reached the third trimester of your pregnancy. You are more than halfway through and soon someone is going to be in your arms to call you a mother. Pregnant women are precious, extra care, love, and affection should be given to them. After all within them, a whole new life is creating.

When a pregnant woman reaches a third trimester (From 7-9 month) she just can’t stop thinking about the arrival of the baby. The third trimester is quite hard as compared to the other two trimesters, you gain a lot of weight, feel difficulty in walking, can’t sit for long hours, etc but don’t worry! This time will pass by.

Marham is here to guide you regarding what you should expect during the third trimester:

Frequent Urination

Oh boy! It’s for real. You will feel the urge to go to the washroom after every hour or so and late night bathroom trips will keep you awake at night. Well, you can’t do much about it, your baby is getting bigger now and he/she poses pressure on your bladder. Try consuming less amount of water at night to avoid late night bathroom trips. If you feel burning sensation while peeing don’t forget to mention it to your gynecologist.


This is painful. Whatever you will eat you might feel that it is stuck in your food pipe. It happens when the Uterus expands and pushes the stomach upwards. It can bother you a lot, talk to your doctor for some syrups that can help you get relief from it.

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A Backache

You can feel mild to a severe backache, it’s because now pregnancy hormones are relaxing your joints and your bump changes your center of gravity. Moreover, the increasing size of a baby can put pressure on your back greatly. You will feel as if your back will break.

Stretch Marks

You might not find stretch marks in the first two trimesters but when you reach at the end of the third trimester you will see them clearly appearing around your waist and belly. These are marks of your strength. Don’t worry.

Braxton Hicks Contractions

These contractions are mild and basically, prepare your Uterus for upcoming actual labor. They aren’t that intense and go in a few seconds. The real labor is different, contraction during real labor becomes intense and get closer and closer together. If you feel a persistent contraction, pains that don’t go away and keeps coming back with greater intensity call your gynecologist as soon as possible.

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