Handling Asthma Attack in Children

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If you have seen a kid having an asthma attack you would agree that it is scary and anyone handling the kid needs strong nerves. Besides this, proper knowledge and basic know-how of how to ease such a kid is also essential. A kid having an asthma attack will have breathing difficulty and would gasp for air. Tummy ache may also accompany asthma symptoms. Panic at this moment would do more harm. Your kid is in pain and needs your strong presence and reassurance that he will be fine.
asthma attack

What To Do?

First and foremost step is to get the relieving inhaler in use by your kid. Help them take a puff of it to ease symptoms of difficult breathing. It is recommended to have a puff after 30 to 60 seconds and continue until 10 puffs. Get a proper action plan made a pulmonologist and follow it. To find the best pulmonologist in Karachi, Lahore or any other man city of Pakistan log on to marham.pk.

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It is important to get your kid away from any allergen or dust that could have triggered an asthma attack.

What To Do If Symptoms Persist?

If after 10 puffs child is still queasy and breathless call an ambulance right away. Your child needs proper medical attention and treatment.

If you think inhaler is not working well enough to ease symptoms call emergency and get help instantly.
Also if your child does not has their relieving inhaler with him you have to call for an ambulance. Do not wait. It might worsen the situation. To find experts in asthma treatment in Karachi and Lahore visit marham.pk.
asthma in kids

How to Proceed if Symptoms Back Off?

if you notice your kid becoming calm and regaining control over his breathing after an inhaler session know that he is better now. Even after he starts feeling okay you should book an appointment with the best child specialist in Karachi and other main cities of Pakistan via marham.pk. an appointment with a child specialist within the immediate 24 hours after an asthma attack helps the doctor to find out what triggered the attack.
Your doctor will examine your child’s health and may recommend any changes in his medications.

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