Happy Eid-ul-Adha: 4 Tips To Keep You Sane And Healthy While You Eat Meat

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Eid-ul-Adha is all about making a sacrifice in the name of Allah. Muslims from all over the world offer prayer and sacrifice either a sheep or goat and distribute the meat amongst themselves, the poor, neighbors, and relatives. Eating meat on Eid-ul-Adha is a pleasure. But for many people, Eid is just about eating meat, in fact, a lot of meat. However, the appropriate amount of meat for healthy humans is 100 grams and we need to focus on these points.

This year please be sensible and good for your health. We care for you that’s why we are listing 4 important tips that will keep you sane and healthy while you eat meat.

1.Go Slow On The Consumption Of Meat:

Avoid eating too much red meat because it is not good for health reasons. It causes food poisoning, coronary heart diseases, and strokes. Most importantly go slow on the consumption of highly fried items such as fried liver, fried mutton, and fried kebabs. You can go for baked and grilled items, after all, Eid menu has to be special.

2.Avoid Bad Combo Of Meat With Frizzy Drinks:

Frizzy drinks are already harmful to your health and if you take it with the meat then nothing could be dangerous than this. It just as bad as slow poison and it can have bad and long-term consequences on your health. Especially youngsters are so much habitual of taking them with almost every meal, whether Eid or no Eid. So, have mercy on your health and try to skip this habit.

3.You Can’t Afford Barbeques On Three Consecutive Days:

Barbeque parties are so much fun. One can’t think about denying any barbeque invites. However, you should design your schedule properly because you can’t afford barbeques for three consecutive days. Too many barbeque invites and that too at odd hours is just a bad idea. So, keep your routine intact even on Eid to be healthy.

4.Keep Your Body Moving:

Is it ok to skip exercise on Eid? Don’t even think about it. Eid holidays are no reason to put your exercise on hold. In fact, it is a high time to keep your body moving after overeating meat. At least spare 10 minutes for light to moderate exercise or just go for a short walk. Also, drink more plain water to enable your stomach to work properly on Eid.

Every year a lot of people suffer from serious illnesses that develop during the Eid holidays. Of course, their carelessness is a real culprit. They don’t bother their health and then high consumption of meat leads them to different health conditions. But this year you need to careful in eating red meat dishes because health always comes first. Many nutritionists advise that we should stop eating meat for a long time. So keep all these healthy tips in your mind and enjoy this Eid to its fullest.

Few Most Popular Nutritionist:

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