Have you Ever Jammed or Fractured your Finger?

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Have you ever got your finger pinched in a door by mistake? The pain is agonizing and intense. Isn’t it? You might know that a jammed finger refers to finger joint pain and bloated from a brunt injury of a single or multiple fingers. They are awfully painful and require immediate treatment to help healing.

Do not freed symptoms of a jammed finger. If not treated timely, the injury can be very painful and lead to a chronic condition.

Typical signs of a jammed finger include pain, swelling of the knuckles, and immobility of the finger. Depending on the severity of the hit the finger may also appear larger and relatively swollen as compared to other fingers.
jammed finger

RICE Method for Treatment of Jammed Fingers

Jammed Finger could be treated by RICE method that is;

  • R-REST
  • I-ICE
    You may use warm water or you can go for over the counter painkillers as well.

Fractured or Jammed?

At first, a jammed finger and a fracture may look the same, but later it needs to be examined and given exclusive care by the doctor. You should immediately seek medical help. Hence, it is recommended to get X-rays to rule out a finger fracture. If you see the following symptoms or book an appointment online with the best pain management doctor in Karachi, Islamabad, or other main cities of Pakistan.
diagnosis of a fracture

       Exposed Bone, Bruises with Sharp Pain

  • If one sees a bared bone, immediately run for medical help. However, if not then try moving the finger in each direction by yourself.
  • If there is a sharp squeezing pain and the swelling does not fade even after 10-15 minutes then it is surely a broken bone.

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  • It happens when the abscess causes the nerves to compress. Numbness after the accident is normal, but if it ensues then it can be an indication of a broken bone.

Difference Between Jammed and a Fractured Finger:

In a jammed finger, you will have pain and swelling too, but they will degenerate after 15-20 minutes or an hour or two rely on the force and power of the impact. The finger might also attain mobility. But, in the case of a fracture, there is rigidity and loss of mobility. The person may confront a grudging pain or numbness and the area may become very red or discolor ranging from purple to blue.

You might come across little blows and strains occasionally. Knowing what has happened may help you cope better and help others as well.

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