Head Sores- What Could Be The Reason?

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Sores on your head can be painful besides being embarrassing. These can become prominent if you have light hairs or a very short haircut. You cannot see these unless you are skilled to take back-of-the-head selfies. Causes of these range from minor infections to certain other diseases. It is better to see your doctor rather than suffering. Also, you must visit a doctor if:
•    You have these sores again and again.
•    Bumps and lumps on your head don’t heal within a few days.
•    These sores keep on changing color and shape.
Visiting a general physician is enough at first. He may refer you to a skin specialist if needed. Book an appointment with the best skin specialist in Karachi or other main cities of Pakistan using marham.pk.
Some reasons for head sores are discussed here.

Contact Dermatitis:

Contact dermatitis results from the reaction of the skin to anything touching it. It could result from shampoo,s hair sprays, accessories or if a poison oak leaves brush against your scalp. Resultant is red, itchy and scaly skin. Sometimes there could be crusty and oozing sores as well.
Avoiding the irritant can heal your skin within two to four weeks.


These are smooth and sturdy lumps that can form in hair follicles. These cysts tend to grow slowly and generally are painless. If swollen these can ooze a stinky fluid and can become painful. Generally, these tend to go away on their own. if you are bothered by these you can consult your doctor for treatment.

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If a pathogen gets trapped into the hair follicle result can be folliculitis. It appears like a pimple on the head. It can become scabby and painful. These clear up on their own if take care of hygiene. For those lasting more than a few days book an appointment with the best skin specialist in Islamabad or any other main city of Pakistan using marham.pk.


These bugs are not a cause of sores themselves but they do cause severe itching. Scratching your head can lead to infectious wounds. Many over the counter remedies are available to get rid of these.

Scalp Ringworm:

It’s not a  worm as it sounds. Actually, it is an infection caused by a fungus. When it affects your head it is called tinea capitis. It can lead to hair loss and itchy skin patches on the head. Painful pus-filled sores may also accompany these symptoms.

Seborrheic Dermatitis:

Mildest and well-known form of it is dandruff. In severe cases, it can lead to oozing scaly and itchy patches of skin. These symptoms tend to come and go. The situation may worsen in winters.
Sometimes acne, virus, and chickenpox can also become the reason behind head sores. Rarely a group of autoimmune disorders can also be the culprit behind.

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