How Are New Healthcare Trends Helping Us?

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Whenever it came to tough times, we Pakistanis have always stood together, shoulder-to-shoulder. Always been each other’s support system. There have been tremendous examples where the social welfare of our community depended on our mutual understanding and hard-work. But when it comes to the healthcare of Pakistan, we are leaping behind. Rather decades back from where we should have been today. It is time for revolution, and it must come from within us. As new healthcare trends are emerging, we also need to revolutionize our healthcare system.

What Is The Future Of Healthcare? 

After 2020, we all have realized the importance of technology in medicine as well. Technology is the need for time. And if we want to compete for the world, we need to get those standards in the medical field that are used by developed countries. Telemedicine is the most advanced form of the healthcare system. Through which you can sit in your homes and get the doctors’ consultation sitting miles away from you. It saves time and money. And it is a faster and accurate way to deal with patients.

Apart from this, online pharmacy services help to get medicines and other disposables at your doorsteps by ordering online. Blood testing labs are also providing sample pickup from home services, which are the easiest ways to get yourself tested for any disease.

Time is very important in today’s life. Everyone wants to act smart. So the new trends in the healthcare system help us save our time. On the other hand, these facilities are also helping the healthcare providers. They improve the efficacy and efficiency of the personnel.

Can We Revolutionize It In Our Own Ways?

IT has always been able to pull industries from the ground, up. Their solutions aren’t born out of the glamour and sashka we seek in our lives. Rather, it is based on the problems our population faces with every passing day.

MARHAM is an IT solution born to revive the healthcare industry of Pakistan and make the experience much easier for people.

And during the COVID-19 pandemic, platforms like Marham have provided so many facilities to the general public and saves thousands of lives. The telemedicine and online consultation facilities help to practice social distancing in the pandemic. Pandemics were common since the start of humanity. But we never imagined this before, that we can get consultation of healthcare provider by sitting in your homes miles away from them.

How Can MARHAM Help The New And Young Doctors?

It presents to you a unique platform where:

  1. Junior doctors can register for an online profile and access a BIG patient base.
  2. They can be found by patients in their locality through the feature ‘Find Nearby Doctors’ for sure!
  3. They can answer the medical queries people post each day to increase their connectivity and hence, popularity.
  4. Doctors can share their experience with senior doctors to develop their own profiles
  5. Doctors can start their online clinic through Marham.

How Is Marham Helping The General Public?

It provides;

  • online consultation facilities
  • platform to find, book and consult the best doctors
  • Facebook group where you can ask health-related queries
  • YouTube channel that has thousands of informational videos
  • Health blog having thousands of informational articles
  • Q/A forum on the website
  • platform to check the availability and rating of different doctors
  • Information about hospitals, and laboratories

1, 2, 3 and we are set for a new healthcare industry!

It is not the country made on the shoulders of doctors and engineers alone. We as the common citizens should contribute towards the progressive development of the country in our unique ways.

MARHAM is one platform where patients and doctors can connect for a better relationship and a more productive interaction. When people will read your (doctors) responses to their queries, your level of dedication will impress them towards their health problems.

It is high time to adopt tech-related practices. You should download the health-related apps on your mobile and tablets, and get full benefit from them. Now you can check your blood pressure, heartbeat, oxygen level, track your periods, ovulation, and do so many other health-related tasks with the help of Apps.

To find and book the best doctors of Pakistan you can visit,

FAQs Related To New Trends In Healthcare System:

What are the new trends in the healthcare system?

Online consultation, online pharmacy services, health-related mobile Apps, the use of robots, and other tech-related services in the healthcare system are the new trends.

How does Telemedicine help in saving millions of lives?

Telemedicine saves your time and money and helps you to maintain social distance during COVID-19 pandemic.

How does Marham help you find a doctor?

On Marham’s official website, you can select your city and specialty of choice. And find the doctors in your city. The website has complete information about the doctors. You can also find this information on the Marham mobile App.


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