Hepatobiliary Disorder; Facts and Treatment Methods

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You or anyone around you, if experiencing fatigue, skin problems, eyes or mouth dryness, yellowing of eyes and skin, abdominal pain, feet swelling, muscle or joint swelling and pain, bone weakness, greasy diarrhea and elevated cholesterol levels? These are a clear indication that culprit is some hepato-biliary problem. You do not know about this term?

What is the Medical Meaning of HPB

HPB stands for Hepato-Pancreatico-Biliary Surgery – that means surgery of the liver, pancreas and biliary system. HPB surgeons help to diagnose and treat patients with conditions such as liver cancer (primary or secondary), pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis, bile duct cancer, and gallstones.

How to Kick out This Problem?

As any sufferer of this ailment knows that this poses a lot of discomforts. It is an immediate need to eliminate this problem. In Lahore, Masood Hospital has the best experts and all needed technology to help you to eradicate this terrible condition. The treatment is based on the severity of the problem.


Diagnosis of hepatobiliary disorders can be made by the following tests.

Blood Tests:

Group of blood tests named liver function tests are done to diagnose liver disease.

Imaging Tests:

CT scan, MRI, and ultrasound are recommended to see the severity of the disease.

Tissue Analysis:

Tissue is removed from your liver to check the status of the disease, using a long needle inserted through the skin which extracts a tissue sample. It is then analyzed in a laboratory.

Treatment Methods:

When a diagnosis is made then your physician decides which treatment method will work for you. If you are at first stage of the damage then mild medication with certain lifestyle changes can help to recover. At a moderate stage, potent medicines or antibiotic or antiviral drugs are recommended. But if you neglected the disorder in past and now it is at its extreme then surgery is the last thing to save your life.

What are the Common Surgical Presentations in HPB?

There are different symptoms for which people seek the attention of Hepatobiliary Surgeon. Some symptoms are very much obvious and many times ultrasound reports guide the patients to seek the attention of a hepatobiliary surgeon. You can find best HPB surgeons at Masood Hospital, Lahore.
Mostly Patients go to these surgeons with;

    • Pain in the upper and right side of the abdomen
    • Weakness
    • Fever
    • Weight loss
    • Jaundice
    • Itching
    • Altered bowel habits
    • Clay-colored stool
    • Varying combinations of these symptoms and signs.
      Hepatobiliary Disorder; Facts and Treatment Methods

When to Consult an HPB Surgeon?

Following presentations call the immediate attention of an HPB specialist.

HPB Emergency

If at any stage patients who have gallbladder stones, develop symptoms of severe pain abdomen and yellow colored eyes, require the immediate help of these surgeons. Such cases are HPB EMERGENCY.


If there is any suspected lesion in the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, spleen or upper area of the abdomen, the golden rule is to discuss it with the HPB surgeon early, get it diagnosed and treated or removed early. Many of these lesions are dangerous but early detection and treatment offer very good hope. Denial, in this case, can be deadly.


Sometimes patients have cancer in the different parts of the body and it spreads to the liver. Even at this stage surgery of the liver is possible and sometimes without surgery cancer can be cured by non-surgical techniques.


Liver, pancreas or other upper abdomen injuries, due to a roadside accident, or other reasons are other HPB emergencies. The liver is mostly involved in blunt trauma to the tummy such as hitting it on the steering wheel or motorbike handle. It has been noticed that the patient had a history of accident or injury a few weeks back and he develops late complications. Only a well-trained HPB surgeon can treat these cases.

Non-Cirrhotic Portal Hypertension

Dark black colored stool or vomiting with bleeding in adults and children as well as a symptom of non-cirrhotic portal hypertension due to portal vein thrombosis and may need shunt surgery.

Infections and Cysts

Many times patients develop liver infections and cysts that require surgery.

As you can see many of these symptoms lead you to go to general physicians and gastroenterologists but they are actually related to a hepatobiliary surgeon. If your health is your primary concern, our advice is to seek a consultation with and HPB surgeon in such cases too.

Surgical Methods for Hepatobiliary Disorder:

When the doctor told you that it is time for surgery, believe his words. He does not want to harm you but save you from the harm and he has the best expertise in it. So do not get frightened, but be sure to select the best hospital for this procedure. Masood Hospital is one of the best health setups located in Lahore having vast expertise in hepatobiliary surgery. Following surgical approaches they offer can help you to eradicate the problem on a permanent basis.

Bile Duct Resection

In this surgical method a portion of the bile duct is removed which is infected or damaged.


This surgical method is based on the complete removal of the gallbladder. It can be done by traditional surgical approaches or laparoscopically, through a very small incision.

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Liver Resection:

This surgery is done to remove a small infected portion of the liver.

Liver Transplant:

If the liver is damaged too much and failed to work then it is replaced with a part or all of a healthy liver from a donor.

Radiofrequency Ablation:

It is done in a specific case of cancers. Cancerous or noncancerous growths in liver or gallbladder are removed using radiofrequency energy. This can be performed through open, laparoscopic or percutaneous surgery.
Keep in mind that treatment for the ailment is your first obligation towards you. So whenever you came to know about ailment start the treatment to save the health and life, the true blessing of Almighty.

How is HPB Surgery Different from General Surgery?

Normally General surgeons are dealing with Gallbladder, bile duct, and pancreas. But they only deal with them to some extent. They always try to avoid to deal with the complex cases because of many reasons which include the availability of equipment, the extent of resections, patience required during the surgery, expertise and of course a very dangerous follow-up.

A well trained HPB surgeon has no fear in dealing with all these cases. He knows how to handle all the complex cases and can offer all options during the surgery and reasonably safer surgery with possibly increased life expectancy. Sometimes well-trained surgeons know that even without surgery disease can be controlled by other non-surgical options and therefore avoid going in where others tend to be adventurous.

Why there are Few Well Trained HPB Surgeons in Pakistan?

Specialized HPB surgery itself is not very old and rapid developments in the field occurred in the first decade of 21st Century. It is time demanding and case selection is very important. There are lots of tricks and maneuvers which has made it very unique. To maintain the standard of HPB, it is very important to be in touch with the international colleagues. In Pakistan, this is not a regular routine to attend the advance hepatobiliary courses/conferences organized by international hepatobiliary societies. So many surgeons avoid selecting this super specialty. You can find experienced and knowledgeable HPB surgeons at Masood hospital, Lahore.

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