Here Is What You Must Know About Hair Dyes

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Getting a new hair colour is one tried and tested method to revamp to your looks. Sounds tempting and worth a try? But do you know the hefty price you are going to pay? Not in form of rupees but as your hair and general health. We are going to tell you some beauty horror story but some straightforward facts are here regarding hair dyes.

Affects Hair Structure:

For a hair dye to show its effect it has certain barriers to overcome. First one is the cuticle of your hair. This is just like the bark of a tree. It provides strength and protection to hair from external agents. Ammonia in hair dyes changes pH of hair and lifts cuticle. This initiates damage to hair structure. Further peroxides in hair dye neutralize the original colour of hair and this also damages hair. All these chemical reactions can end in over processed damages hair that lacks natural lustre.

Allergic Reactions:

There is a very small percentage of people who are allergic to hair dyes. This is what makes people less vigilant toward doing a patch test. Allergic reactions to hair dyes can be serious therefore every time you use a colour consider going for a patch test first. Also if you have certain skin problems or sensitivities avoid using hair dyes altogether. Always consult a skin specialist before using any chemical if you have sensitive skin.


Linked to Infertility:

Lead acetate is a common chemical compound present in many permanent hair colours. Some research findings have traced a link between this compound and infertility in men and women. Especially pregnant women should clear of their usage. These products can be harmful to the health of the unborn child as well.


Failure to practice extreme care in the usage of hair colour can result in serious damage. If these come in to contact with sensitive skin or parts of face it can be harmful. In case of contact with eyes, these can lead to causing conjunctivitis or pink eye. To find a good eye specialist you can visit

Use of hair dyes needs special care. This implies to care during and after usage keep up as well. Do you know anyone who uses hair dye frequently and might benefit from this information? Press the share button and spread awareness.


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