Here Is Why People Are Scared Of The Number ‘13’

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Do you ever feel scared of something so bizarre?. Ever felt something slowly taking over your mind?. There are multiple things around the world that impact everyone differently. Every fear and phobia is connected to an event. Any event from our childhood or later age can haunt us in different ways for a very long time.
How many phobias are you familiar with? Height phobia? Aerophobia? Claustrophobia? No, this isn’t all. There are plenty of weird phobias you would have not even imagined knowing them. This article is all about introducing a very new and unique phobia to you. Give it a read but try not to alienate someone with it 😛

Number 13

People around the world have various phobias and fears. There are different common fears that, even if we don’t have them ourselves, we totally understand. Every person has their own trigger points and some things which might make them uneasy. Some fear insects. Some get uneasy in congested places, heights, around water. The list goes on.
Every fear and phobia has a name. Some people are aquaphobic. Many are claustrophobic and many identify themselves as height phobic. But apart from these, there is another phobia which is very common but people are unaware of. Wondering what and why it is; Triskaidekaphobia (Tris-kye-dek-e-foh-bee-a). Triskaidekaphobia is a fear of the number ‘13’. People around the world consider this date unlucky and disturbing. They avoid having 13 guests at a party. Many buildings don’t have a 13th floor. Couples don’t prefer getting married on 13th and don’t plan anything important if the date is 13.

What Is Wrong With The Number 13?

It is still very hard to understand what is really wrong with the number 13 and what makes it scary. History mentions various mishaps that are somehow related to the number 13th. In many ancient cultures, 12 was considered to be a complete and perfect number. A clock has 12 hours. The year has 12 months and so does the zodiac world. The premise of phobia of the number 13 is usually challenging to explain. But in some cases, its causes are linked to panic-related experiences or genetic conditions. Recent polls and studies show that around 9-10% of Americans are superstitious about the number 13. However, not all of them are triskaidekaphobes.

Similar studies for other countries do not exist, however, it is prevalent in western culture mainly. In recent years, it has been affecting people immensely and has been a cause of many mishaps and depressive episodes. A pressure of avoiding important stuff on the date 13th has taken a toll over young generations specifically. This situation has left people worried about what its treatment might be.

What Do Researches Say About Triskaidekaphobia

According to scientists and mathematicians, there are no problems with the number itself. Its 13’s proximity to the number 12 that makes it look bad. So the factors from both myth and math have combined to make this particular number more maligned than any other. The uneasiness about the number, dating back to ancient times, has been compounded over the years to create a very real, modern fear. But there is definitely an end to it.

Recent polls and studies show that around 9-10% of Americans are superstitious about the number 13. However, not all of them are triskaidekaphobic. Similar studies for other countries do not exist. However, it is prevalent in western culture mainly.

This phobia is a cause of many people developing anxiety and depression and can be linked directly to mental health. In the US people face a gradual decrease in activity on the 13th and especially when it’s Friday the 13th. It is estimated that the United States loses about $900,000,000 in productivity every year because of Friday the 13th.  As some people are so superstitious about it that they wouldn’t even get out of bed.

Triskaidekaphobia Treatment

Studies prove it as a mental disorder. There is definitely a treatment available for it. Many people admit having a psychological factor involved in it. But still, don’t agree to be treated. Although there is no 100% authentic method to treat Triskaidekaphobia. People are still feeling it affecting their lives. If someone feels it upsetting, they should consider talking to a therapist. In any possible circumstance, the first best solution is self-help. That can only be possible if you’re ready to start breaking your mental ties and responses with the number 13. If it still doesn’t work, the second and last option should be considering a Psychologist/Therapist.

A therapist helps people expose to their fear and make them understand what actually upsets them. Whether it is their imagination, surroundings or people. A therapist might help you learn to tolerate the anxiety or restlessness by the relaxation techniques. In many instances the treatment is successful. Sometimes the first thing which is difficult is to understand what is happening. If people are successful in identifying it then it is the best time to run to the doctor. If one does not have access to a therapist, it is a good idea to talk about what they’re afraid of and try to understand it by themselves. At the end of the day, even with a therapist involved, you are the only one who can cure your phobia.

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