Here’s How Exercising Can Ease Your Pregnancy

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There are usually many confusions when you’re expecting for the first time. As it is the first time you are experiencing new changes in your body, you might get very insecure about how to treat yourself. Every doctor has their own experience and tips which possibly leaves you in confusion of what to follow and what to not. Your body changes a lot during pregnancy. Staying fit and keeping baby safe is all about small but crucial adjustments. There are usually many questions that come to mind when planning how to exercise during pregnancy. If you’re already an active person and workout in your daily routine, you can continue what you’re doing with a few simple modifications, of course, just consult your doctor first. If you’re not an active person and do not exercise in everyday life, your doctor can advise you on how to safely get moving.

Trust me, your pregnant self will thank you when you look back after delivering and so will your baby! Studies have shown that children who were introduced to exercise while being inside their mothers are less likely to be overweight and are at a lower risk for diabetes. Exercise is not only a way to start connecting with your baby. But it’s a way for you to stay connected to your own body. Physical exercise is a bodily activity that improves or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. This article is a guide to your way towards fitness.

Is Exercise Safe While Pregnant?

Overall, in majority cases exercise have been safe during pregnancy. Doctors and surgeons recommend it as it helps in labour. Typically, the first rule of thumb is if you were physically active before you were pregnant, it is likely safe to remain active during pregnancy. More than likely, you will be asked to remain active. As long as it is comfortable and there are no other health conditions suggesting otherwise. All the myths about exercising in pregnancy are just horror stories, nothing more than that.

Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

Undoubtedly, exercise is a big plus and a thumbs up by doctors for both you and your baby. If complications don’t limit your ability to exercise, it can help you in the following ways.

Moving frequently and safely helps you feel better. At a time when you wonder how this strange body can possibly be yours, exercise can increase your sense of control and boost your energy level. Not only does it make you feel better by releasing endorphins, but appropriate exercise also can:

  1. Relieve backaches.
  2. improve your posture by strengthening and toning muscles in your back, butt, and thighs
  3. Reduce constipation
  4. Prevent wear and tear on your joints by activating the lubricating fluid in your joints
  5. Help you sleep better by relieving the stress and anxiety that might make you restless at night.
  6. Look better. Exercise increases the blood flow to your skin, giving you a healthy glow.
  7. Prepare you and your body for birth. Strong muscles and a fit heart can greatly ease labour and delivery. Gaining control over your breathing can help you manage pain. And in the event of lengthy labour, increased endurance can be a real help.
  8. Regain your pre-pregnancy body more quickly. You’ll gain less fat weight during your pregnancy if you continue to exercise. But don’t expect or try to lose weight by exercising while you’re pregnant.

For most women, the goal is to maintain their fitness level throughout pregnancy.
Some studies also mention the plus points of exercise during pregnancy. Also lowers a woman’s risk of complications.

. Help reduce backaches, constipation, bloating, and swelling

. Treat gestational diabetes

. Increases energy

. Improves mood

. Improves posture

. Promotes muscle tone, strength, and endurance

. Helps you sleep better

Working out makes it easier for you to get back in shape after your baby is born.

Safe Pregnancy

It depends on when you start exercising, according to your situation. If you exercised regularly before becoming pregnant, continue your program. Before you continue your old exercise routine or begin a new one, you should talk to your doctor about exercising while you’re pregnant. Discuss any concerns you have and know that you might need to limit your exercise if you have the following conditions:

  1. Pregnancy-induced high blood pressure (hypertension)
  2. Early contractions
  3. Vaginal bleeding
  4. Premature rupture of your membranes, also known as your water breaking early

Exercises to Avoid

Any harsh activity, which requires heavy exerting is not recommended when you’re expecting. The activities include:

  • Bouncing or jumping
  • Leaping
  • A sudden change of angle or direction
  • Any activity that increases the risk of abdominal injury
  • Running fast
  • Stairs
  • Contact sports
  • downhill skiing
  • Scuba diving
  • Horseback riding because of the risk of injury they pose.

Before or during working out, take notice of the following conditions and inform your doctor.

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Unusual pain in any part of the body
  • Dizziness or light-headedness
  • Unusual shortness of breath
  • Palpitation or chest pain
  • Leakage from vagina
  • Uterine contractions

Along with taking care of all the tips mentioned above, you may want to include these basic guidelines in planning exercise during pregnancy:

  1. Be sure to wear loose and comfortable clothes
  2. A good supportive bra.
  3. Choose well-fitting shoes that are designed according to your sports type
  4. Exercise on a flat, level surface to prevent injury.
  5. Eat enough healthy calories to meet the needs of your pregnancy
  6. Finish eating at least one hour before exercising
  7. Drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout.
  8. After doing floor exercises, get up slowly and gradually to prevent dizziness.

Many of the ladies out there are not guided well about their relevant conditions while being pregnant. They’re intentionally shut down. Asked not to talk about any additional activity. Little do they know that inactivity during pregnancy is riskier than a light workout. This article is info-rich to help you with all the possible questions you have. If there are still some confusions, try contacting these doctors through Marham.

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