Here’s How High Heels Are Destroying Your Foot Health

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Me and high heels, two rivals from the very beginning. I’ve seen ladies tripping over wearing insanely high heels. I secretly made fun of them. Saw models landing straight into the feet of their fellow models, even into the crowd sometimes. I’ve made fun of them too. Al these years there’s one thing which I am unable to understand. Why do ladies wear heels?. okay, I get it. That makes you feel more trendy and fashionable. But why pencil heels?. Wedges, block heels, round block heels are understandable, they do make you look good. But wearing pencil heels and risking your dignity is difficult to understand. There are plenty of scenarios I’m an eye witness of, but let’s just leave it here.

The History of High Heels

As far as I know and the history states, high heels were not originally created as an accessory to wear with skirts and dresses. In fact, heels were introduced with another purpose. Ancient History tells another tale. The first heels were created to help male horse riders to stop their feet from slipping from stirrups. Of course, as soon as they got into the eyes of women, the whole purpose transformed. Women adopted the trend and the rest, as they say, is history. From tiny heels to sky-high platforms, high heels have been a staple in female wardrobes for centuries.

Obviously, the heels aren’t going anywhere. It is what women prefer to wear from the board rooms to the red carpets. But though they’re stylish and fashionable, high heels can cause major problems for both your feet and your budget.

Heels are definitely the main culprit of the foot and ankle complaints across the world. But women still wear shoes with abandon. Constant pain in your foot and your dwindling bank account is the consequence for your growing shoe collection. You need to understand that there are very major disadvantages to your favourite everyday heels.

The Drawbacks Of Wearing Heels

Can Cause Joint Pain

Like other shoes, heels don’t have shock absorption. It limits our movements as well as restricts our feet from the natural rotation. Heels cause forced straight and unbending position which itself is an issue that leads to many other issues. This causes the knee to absorb the brunt of every step, which can lead to severe joint pain and arthritis symptoms. Your ankle also absorbs some of the shocks as well, so don’t be surprised if a long day in heels leaves your feet swelled and sore.

Undefined Leg Posture

This is considered as one of the most worrying side effects of heels. Women who prefer wearing heels for the majority times of their day are at risk or undefined leg posture. With the heel in the lifted position, heels can actually create a physiological change in the muscles and tendons around the ankles. That means, when barefoot or wearing flats and shoes that cause the heel to reach the ground, women feel immense pain and stretching.

Lower Back Pain

Heels force your pelvis to push forward while walking or standing. It placed high pressure on the lower back and ends up in immense pain.

Falling and Sprained Ankles

Wearing flats is beneficial. It divides the body weight equally on the feet. Evenly on the front foot and heels. But unfortunately, heels cause such an imbalance between the heel and the ball that the ankle is forced to become strained and carries the weight of your whole body. Consequently, falls and twisted or sprained foot and ankles can be pretty common in this situation. It’s nearly impossible to perfectly balance in high heels. So any bump or hole can easily throw your pride to the ground in seconds. Watch out for yourself 😉

Ingrown Toenails

Most heels have a pointy or almond-shaped toe, despite the fact that the end of your foot is actually squarer. And it’s the biggest and littlest toes that take a lot of the pressure as they press against the sides and the end of the shoe. High heels cause your feet to slide down and crush your toes, leading to ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenails occur when the side of your toenail starts growing into your flesh, and it can be seriously painful.

How To Wear Heels Properly

Heels are definitely not the healthiest choice to wear. But you don’t have to rule them out altogether. Take some precautions and you can still gain a few inches without suffering major consequences.

  • Heels That Have Platforms If you’re obsessed with super high heels, choose a pair that also feature a platform through the front of the shoe. This offers the look of high heels, but raises the ball of the foot as well as the heel, putting less pressure on the ball overall. A three-inch heel with a one-inch platform feels more like two inches.
  • Opt For A Nice Comfortable Brand Thanks to innovation in footwear, it is possible to find a pair of heels that are both supportive and comfortable. A very famous brand created a line of comfy heels stylish pumps that won’t totally wreck your feet. Just be aware that comfortable and supportive heels often cost a premium. Or maybe an arm or leg as well 😛
  • Wear Heels For Limited Hours Put an hourly limit on your heel routine. Wear them for limited times or maybe for events only. If you’re going to be walking, dancing, or standing all night long, wear heels for a few hours and then switch to a stylish pair of flats. This can save your back, joints, and tender toes.
  • Wear Trendy Flats Do you ever think you can’t wear flats for more formal occasions?. Think again. Attractive fancy heels are a great substitute for the heels you wear every time. Furthermore, flats can be really cute with dresses, skirts, and skinny jeans. However, if you hate flats, try a sleek pair of flat riding boots instead.
  • Add Orthopedic Pads. If your favourite heels lack support, try adding orthopaedic insoles. Since heels can be hard to fit, thin gel pads work wonders. They’re small but can still give you a little more support under your foot or throughout the entire sole to make heels more wearable.
  • Stretch Your Feet. If you find that your feet are achy and sore after a day in heels, sit on your couch and place a golf ball or tennis ball beneath your foot. Then, apply pressure on the ball as you roll it up and down your foot. It’s a great way to relieve tight muscles and tendons after a punishing day in heels.

These were the little examples of how they can not be your best buddies. They can hurt you. Embarrass you. Treat you rudely and even cause you frequent falls. No! I am not talking about a guy. I’m talking about those high heels you wear everyday 😛
Jokes apart. If you are facing troubles because you wear too many high soles and regret wearing them. Have any queries?. Grab your mobile and get straight to Marham’s facebook group or mobile app and ask the doctor what your problem is.
Do you have any embarrassing high heel stories? comment below so we can have a little laugh too 😉

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