Here’s How Online Consultation Changed My Perspective

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Being an anti-social girl, calls were never my type of communication medium. Video calls were a total no!. Since the day I started working at Marham, I’ve been through so many new experiences. I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone, for good obviously. I’ve been challenged to work under pressured environments and what not. But as the situation changed, we went from working from the office to working from home and it got me yet another new experience “Teleconsultation” or you can say Online Consultations.

This drastic changed led us to experience many things which we have never experienced before. It is said, everything has both good and bad ends so it goes for the current situation too. As everyone is already focused on the bad things, let’s discuss the good ones. Here’s my experience with online consultation so far.

How I Experienced Online Consultation

Many of you would be thinking that I’ll be writing my experience as a patient. It is not like that. I have experienced online consultation from a very different perspective and not from the patients’ end but from the other end. It was the first time in my life that I had experienced talking to people who were in a dire need of help, people stuck in a situation where they were unable to find any medical help. Quarantining and isolation mean you can not leave your places in the time of urgency as well because hospitals and clinics are not a safe zone anymore.

As we saw this situation coming, Marham started working on making online consultation the first priority to help people stuck in their homes and to be honest, I have seen the behaviours shifting from insecure, agitated and worried to satisfied and happy. Heard the scared voices turning into happy prayers. I have seen people getting solace in this chaotic situation.

What People Say About Online Consultation

As Marham was working to provide a safe option for the people, we found many of them praising this effort in their words. Not only talking to people was a great experience but also reading their comments was a dose of energy and encouragement for us.

Here’s what we’ve been receiving over this time period;


Online Consultation


Online Consultation


Online Consultation


Online Consultation







How It Keeps You Safe

Online consultation is the best way to keep yourself safe and away from all the troubles going on outside. Marham took ‘stay home stay safe’ to another level by enabling you to talk to your doctor through video call at any time possible. For any type of medical emergencies, health concerns and even for serious issues, you can contact a doctor in the easiest way possible.

Here Is How You Can Get Online Consultation As Well

You can get yourself an online consultation through two easiest ways.

  1. Call Us At Our Helpline
    Get your phones and dial Marham’s helpline 03111222398 to get your consultation booked.
  2. Visit Our Website
    Log in to and look for our online consultation tab to book your consultation directly from our website and wait for the confirmation call.

A Word From Marham

Marham’s team is constantly working hard to make your consultation experience worth your money and need. We want you to stay home to keep yourselves and others safe. Let’s fulfil our responsibilities as a good citizen by promoting ‘stay home stay safe’.

Let’s Beat Coronavirus As A Nation!

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