Here’s how people are reacting to Marham’s Online Consultation Service

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After establishing themselves as the most authentic platform to find, ask and book doctors for the patient base in Pakistan, Marham has broadened the existent state of the healthcare system and have given people a new dimension where a doctor can be easily consulted online.

More than 4000 consultations have been given until now and the recipients of the service took to Facebook and lauded Marham’s initiative that has changed the lives of patients. People were overwhelmed at the prospect of consulting a doctor through their phones while being at home and had not to face the difficulty of going to a hospital or clinic. Here’s how people have been reacting to the service of online consultation:

Those who experienced it for the first time said Marham has changed their lives

Some said that the facility to consult doctors while being at home is amazing

Patients were satisfied with doctors and thanked Marham for the facility

The part of doctors and how they are giving online consultations was also appreciated

Patients heavily praised the platform and appreciated the efforts of Marham Team and doctors

Some were seen recommending this service to others

Others reckoned Marham and its Application as the best health solution at your hands

And patients said this service is the easiest way to contact a doctor

In the rapidly progressive world of today where healthcare just like any other sector is moving towards progression with technology, the introduction of telemedicine service in Pakistan at such a time makes us stand in line with any other country when it comes to healthcare.

The online consultation service is an effort to make the life of patients easier and comfortable. If you didn’t know about this service before, you can always book a session here with a doctor of any specialty:

How Online Consultation Works?


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