Here’s How You Can Benefit From Telemedicine In Quarantine

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As we all know the current situation has put us all at great risk. Going out, even for emergencies can cost us our lives. But think about those who are on the front-line exposed directly to this threat. New situations always bring up new ideas and opportunities. Be it online businesses or online education, working online is a priority now because we can’t just put our lives at a halt. The new emphasis is telemedicine (online video/audio consultation), which is designed to free up doctors and other front-line providers by encouraging patients to get care online.

Technology nowadays such as telemedicine enables patients to get care remotely. Responses from health-care professionals whilst sitting back home is a great blessing. Marham’s team has worked day and night to bring this opportunity to your service. Here is what you should know about it.

How Am I Able To Talk To A Doctor Online?

To talk to a doctor through our platform you just have to visit or call at 03111222398. You’ll be guided about the whole procedure. Booking an appointment online is the most convenient thing because without leaving the house or any extra hassle, you’ll be able to consult a specialist. It is a patient’s choice whether they want to opt for a video or audio consultation.
To be a responsible citizen, we should practice social distancing as well as staying at home. So, for that, we have the easiest way for you to get medical help.

How Do I Know It Is Safe?

Your health, safety and privacy is Marham’s first priority. It is totally safe to use video/audio consultation through Marham as all your information stays confidential and safe with us.

What Is The Payment Method?

For online consultation, you’ll have to use online payment mediums i.e Easypaisa, jazz cash or bank transfer. You’ll be guided about the methods of payments by our representative.

I Am A Doctor, How Can I Join?

If you are a doctor and you want to join Marham’s platform to serve the community, here’s how you can join us. Marham has a huge family of doctors and welcomes new members wholeheartedly.

A Word From Marham

Taking care of our healths is important but taking care of others along with ourselves is even bigger responsibility. This is why all the doctors say ‘Stay Safe Stay Home’. Do not go out and put others at risk.

We Will Fight This Together!

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