Hey You Hijabis, Here’s How You Can Keep Your Hair Fresh In Summers

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Summers are around the corner again. Or we can say the summertime has come already. It becomes difficult for every one of us to manage our activities, dressing and skin. But the hardest time it is for the ones who cover their heads. Our hijabi ladies. No matter how much we say we can understand what they go through, we can only sympathise but can never empathise. Being a sister of a hijabi is being half a hijabi myself. I know the struggle is real, I can see it and I can feel it too.

The struggle of running around the house looking for a hijab when a na-mehram comes around. Struggle of searching for a best non-slip hijab. On top of everything, the struggle of looking for the best matching hijab whenever we’re going on an event. But these are not all. There is much more to it. Our hijabi ladies suffer from some real hair problems in summer. The constant sweating, hair fall and deteriorating hair health is their main concern. As soon as summers arrive our hijabi sisters start worrying how will they manage everything. Don’t worry ladies, we’ve got you back now.

The Hijabi Issue And How To Take Care Of It

In all this heat we experience in Pakistan, women who wear hijabs often experience a sticky feeling, followed by a bad odour. And this ordeal becomes exponentially high the longer one stays out of the home. It is very important that you take proper care of your hair, not only considering the health aspect.

Whether you realise or not, your head constantly sweats under your hijab. It leads to becoming warmer and warmer which is the perfect environment for germs and bacteria. Consequently, you keep scratching your head every now and then. The first thing you should keep notice of is cleaning your head properly. Use a mild shampoo, every day if you think it is necessary. Often, women put their hijab immediately after washing the hair. Moist hair and scalp can damage the hair in the long run and result in producing dandruff, or even a swarming invasion by lice. Comb your hair and untangle them frequently, but remember not to tie them very tightly. Keep them loose from their roots.
There’s another thing you should keep in mind about. That’s the material of your hijab. Many people are allergic to different materials, that effects your hair and scalp too. Remember to use a lightweight, non-slip and breathable fabric. But not see through!

Nylon And Polyester Are A Big No!

Try using a fabric like cotton or the fabrics that’ll let your hair breathe through. They absorb sweat, so it is not only left in your hair. Chiffons can be a good choice too, only if they’re not see through. They help to keep your hair alive in summers. Long hours with zero air inlet may cause the death of follicles and hence hair-fall.

Wash, Massage & Dry Properly

Often Hijabis neglect their hair when taking showers as they don’t feel their hair were exposed enough and need care. Try to behave well with your hair. Yet the immense importance and care can sometimes be suffocating for hair follicles and result in dryness.
Massage Your Hair Before, During And After Wash; Dry your hair with a t-shirt, not a towel. Remember not to tie them up while they are wet as retaining the moisture of damp hair under the hijab results in foul-smelling hair, dandruff outbreak and of course LICE!!!!!

Brush Your Hair, You Hijabi Repunzels 😛

Don’t you think you’ll not be needing to brush your hair because they’ll be under the hijab? Who’s gonna see it?. But ladies, it is for your own good. Brushing helps to increase blood circulation which can be extremely useful for hijabis to counter the effect of hair scrunching for hours. Brushing your hair regularly provides ample nutrients to your scalp and nourish your hair even when you have deprived them of natural air, moisture and sunlight for days.

Sunlight Is Good

Wearing hijab all day and depriving your hair of the outer world is not good. Your scalp most likely doesn’t see much daylight. Sunlight is important for hair. It is recommended to open up the blinds and drapes in your home and sit in the sunniest part of the house on weekends at least. Find a hidden spot, away from all the na-mehrams. So you can enjoy the moment and are not left running like scooby doo :P. Vitamin D is fundamental for the hair and scalp. Please let them breathe too.

Chop Regularly, Don’t Get Them Chopped!

No need for trimming just because you wear a hijab is, a concept you need to get over, ASAP! Regardless of the fact that no one will get to see your hair makes you irresponsible. Taking care of your hair is your personal matter. So you have to take care of them for your own selves. Trimming your hair every 3-4 months must be adopted like a prescribed medication. it is just to dispose of the split ends that don’t make an appearance because you have it all covered.
So what if nobody else gets the opportunity to see your hair, don’t disregard trimming them because that can actually be fatal for your hair.

Stop Being Harsh On Your Hair

I know women complaining about their hairline receding after years of wearing the hijab, I don’t think it was a problem before. I’ve never heard of it in previous times. It is a new phenomenon that has emerged as a result of the ill-informed millennial hijabi bloggers. All of you must remember watching at least one of those tutorials urging you to tie your hair tight in ponytails and buns. That’s where the issue begins. Please protect what you have and don’t go bald following these tutorials. Try to tie your hair in loose buns and use bobby pins on the front to keep them under your hijab. Nowadays, it is all about self-care and being comfortable. Try to keep your hair away in easier ways instead of going harsh on them.

Hair Masks

Your hair requires regular healthy treatments. I’m not talking about going to saloons every day. Try to experience something at home too and save your money. Try using natural ingredients to freshen up your hair. Here we have a combination of well-searched hair masks. They are suitable for every hair type. Go ahead and try them.

Hair Mask Recipe

Pour 5 tablespoons of mayonnaise into a bowl and add 2 raw eggs. Use a whisk to mix them together until fully blended. It is best to mix the treatment by hand to avoid turning it into a liquid that won’t adhere to your hair. Add a teaspoon of vinegar or olive oil for extra shine if you have coarse hair.

Things required:

  • 2 tablespoons of pure aloe vera gel
  • 1/2 teaspoon of organic cinnamon powder

In a bowl, take 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel. You can either use store-bought pure aloe gel or use freshly scooped one. Add in cinnamon powder and give the mixture a good mix making sure there are no lumps.
Once you are done with this, apply the mask all over hair and scalp. Do not worry if your scalp tingles a bit — it shows that the mask is working on the scalp. Tie a bun and cover your head with a shower cap. Shampoo it off after 10-15 mins.

recipe source : https://www.wideopeneats.com/11-diy-hair-mask/

We’ve tried the best to satisfy your hijabi needs in this article. But obviously, we aren’t doctors not we can help you medically. For that, Marham.pk have the best collection of dermatologists. If you have any question or query, get going and look for the best dermatologists in town and talk to them.

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