Hiked Medicine Prices Makes Them More Unapproachable For The Poor

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LAHORE September 29, 2020: Along with many upsets in 2020, here comes another one! The prices of medicines have hiked up and made it even more unapproachable for poor people to take care of themselves. Among these 68 medicines, 26 were the ones that were imported from other countries.

The notification that was issued on Thursday said, The federal government approved the hike in the prices of medicines that were imported. Moreover, the 262% hike in the prices of almost 100 local was also approved.

According to the notification, 94 medicines which experienced the hike in prices that were around 9%-262%, made it even more difficult for the common people in the country to buy them. It is mentioned that the medicines which were made costly included the drugs that are used to treat fever, headache, heart diseases, malaria, diabetes, sore throat, flu, abdominal and stomach pains, skin diseases, postpartum issues, and eye, ear, tooth, mouth, and blood infections. Furthermore, some of them also included antibiotics too.

Consequently, these medicines have been made unavailable in the local markets. The reason is said to be the rise in the value of the dollar and expensive raw materials that have contributed to the medicines becoming costlier. Right after the news of medicines becoming expensive hit the market, another news surfaced which added that pharmaceutical companies will not be allowed to increase the prices of medicines further until June 2021.

The job given to the government and the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) is to ensure the availability of medicines to every one person in the country.

“We are working on new pricing policy,” he explained, adding that the government was bringing reforms in all health institutions.

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