Hope Glimmers As Pakistan’s Daily COVID19 Cases Drop!

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The trends are changing, we’ve been experiencing a downfall in COVID19 cases for the last five days, health experts hope it can be the start of declining of the graph.

COVID19 cases showed a massive spike after eid but now, since the last few days, the number of daily reported cases have decreased. The reporters anticipate that it is a possibility that the number of cases further decrease, on the hand, the deaths are expected to increase as many patients are still on ventilators. It is said that 90% of them might not survive.

The Past Few Months

Pakistan, in the last few months already experienced a dangerous spike in the COVID19 cases. Whereas if we talk about the last 24 hours, the cases reported were 3,622 and 78 deaths, taking the national tally of cases to 191,022 and casualties to 3,808.

According to NCOC’s data, our daily reported cases for the past few days were around 4,000 to 5,000. The good news is that this number has been declining with every passing day.

We’ve been hearing about the term ‘Herd Immunity’ since a while now, which means if a large number of people are infected, the pace of infection reduces. But, in this specific case, the officials claim that there has not been any reduction in COVID19 tests, the trend has changed and the graph has started declining.

What The Stats Say

Past 24 Hours

The cases reported in Lahore are 392 with NO COVID19 Related death. Which is quite huge.

In total from the last 24 hours, Punjab reported only 796 cases from the 8,084 conducted tests.

The positive rate

The calculated rate of positive cases in the last 5 days is 9.8% whereas in the past few weeks, it has been around 20%~23%.

If we look at these stats, things are looking better. But we can only hope for the best!

Here’s how it looks like.

Picture and stats courtesy, Covid-19 Plasma DONOR

Upgrading Ventilators

Along with all the COVID19 situation, the officials say, despite having a lot of burden, our healthcare system is not crashing. According to the NCOC data, 1,895 additional ventilators are in the pipeline and will be added to critical healthcare capacity by the end of July.

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