How Asthmatic People Can Keep Themselves Safe In This Pandemic!

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People who have serious health issues such as viral respiratory infections are experiencing anxiety episodes. The reason is, there might be a chance that they are the ones more prone to fall for COVID-19. It is very normal for asthmatic people to fear that they are more likely to be at a risk during this pandemic.

It is not confirmed that people with asthma are more susceptible to serious outcomes if they get COVID-19. They are strictly asked to be more careful as asthma and COVID both are respiratory diseases and the combination can get deadly.

But there’s plenty asthmatics can do to minimise the impact of any viral infection, whether it’s the common cold or coronavirus.

What Should I Do To Protect Myself?

People with asthma should not risk their health, try to get your asthma under control and maintain that control unless the situation gets better. Keeping your asthma under control means staying on your usual medications.

Just in case you want to consult a doctor or in case of any emergency, you do not have to leave your house and put yourself at stake. Use Marham’s online consultation and talk to a doctor by staying at home.

Keep A Good Asthma Control

Keep your asthma under control to save yourselves from risks and to do that, you should start:

  • Keeping yourself under strict check and have minimal or no day-to-day symptoms
  • no night-time waking
  • no asthma attacks
  • You should keep your lungs in good health and normal functioning

Good asthma control is eminently achievable with regular medication by using both relievers and preventers.

Use Your Relievers And Preventive Medicines

There are two types of medications for people suffering from asthma:

  1. Relievers: These are the type of medicines that act rapidly to relax the muscle in the airways and open the breathing passages to enable normal breathing.
  2. Preventers: These medicines are prescribed to be taken regularly to prevent any upcoming symptoms that might worsen your condition.

People who are prescribed regular asthma preventer medications should continue to take them throughout the COVID-19 season to maximise their chances of staying well.

Do Not Start Panic-Buying

Everyone can understand how it is to struggle for breathing and it is understandable why many asthmatics start panic buying whenever the situation gets sensitive. It is true that asthmatics need to have a good stock of their medicines so they can survive through a pandemic like this but we also need to understand that if we start buying medicines in bulks, other people who also need them might run short of them.

The less we panic-buy, the more likely there will be medicines available for those who need it.

Stay Healthy And Minimise The Risk

To minimise your risk of asthma flare-ups, an asthmatic person should:

  1. Take preventive medication every day as prescribed by their doctors
  2. Make sure you know where you’ve put your inhaler and it is not expired
  3. Consult with your doctor through online consultation to make sure your asthma control is as good as it can be and that your current medications are doing well
  4. Make sure to have an up to date written asthma action plan and keep it in front of yourselves

If your usual asthma medications are not working for you, seek medical advice immediately. Meanwhile, keep doing all you can to reduce your risk of catching coronavirus in the first place by:

  • Social Distancing in the pandemic
  • Washing Hands Frequently

If an asthmatic person finds that nebulizing is more helpful than inhalers, they should use the nebulizer in a room that is isolated from other household members.

A Word From Marham

Try to stay indoors to keep yourself and others safe. Catching COVID-19 is the least we would want to have in this ongoing situation. Convince your family members and relatives to also act as responsible citizens and stay indoors. In case of any emergency, you can contact a doctor through our online consultation. 

Stay home, Stay safe and Stay Healthy! How Asthmatic People Can Keep Themselves Safe In This Pandemic!

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