How Badly Is Health Affected By Heavy Constructions In The City?

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For the development of the country, it is important that the best possible solutions are discovered to execute the needs of its people, whether it is for bread, for clothes, for health or for transportation and Heavy Constructions. The authorities should understand the need of its people and then take actions that require to be taken on an immediate basis.

It is something that needs to be handling very sensibly because sometimes a solution to a problem produces a lot more other issues. And this is exactly what happens due to the ill-planned construction of mass transit project like Lahore Orange Line Metro Train.

How Is It Affecting The Health?

Lahore is the second largest urban city and the provincial capital of Punjab Province, which has a population of around 10 million inhabitants. No doubt, the transportation demand of the city is slightly higher than the other cities of Pakistan. And the government has decided to initiate the mega project of Orange Metro Train to ease the jamming and the problems associated with traffic density. But due to consecutive heavy constructions in the city, the health of the residents is badly affecting. There should be a break between the projects of heavy construction. So, that people can get out of the impact of the old project.

No More Clear Air To Breathe!

The construction of this Orange Metro Train is still underway and the city is facing a lot of problems revolving around mobility, health, and environmental concerns. Particularly, the air pollution has trapped the city and is giving a severe threat to the health of citizens. People are extremely furious over this issue; according to them, they feel a high amount of particulate matter in the air as well as dust pollution. That’s why now they have started to face another problem in the form of “Smog”. If you have any breathing issue then consult with the pulmonologist.

Heaps Of Mud Is Spreading Several Diseases:

Heaps of mud can be seen in densely populated areas like Lakshmi Chowk, Anarkali, and the surroundings of Shalimar Gardens. Vehicular emissions like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur oxide, are badly affecting the environment and human health. However, it is also reported that several diseases are spreading in the nearby areas. The heaps of mud, blocked sewerage pipelines, exposed chemicals are the culprits behind this.

Now, that these projects have begun thus we want them to be completed soon so that people can get out of it. However, if you have any health-related issues then immediately consult with the general physician and get the right treatment.

Few Most Popular Pulmonologist:

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