How Can I Keep My Heart Healthy? According To Cardiologists!

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Do you think you are taking care of your heart? Do you think it’s necessary to keep doing things on a daily basis that maintain your heart’s health? And why doctors always emphasize on healthy lifestyle? The answer is so simple; your heart is the most vital organ in your body that keeps you alive. So, for staying healthy, you need a healthy heart.

So, think for a while, is your heart in danger? Have you ever wondered what are the risk factors that lead you to heart diseases? Come let’s find out some good tips to keep your heart healthy in this busy lifestyle era.

According to expert cardiologists, a healthy lifestyle is the main reason behind the healthy cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels system). In the U.S. cardiovascular issues are the top-ranked diseases that cause deaths every year. These ailments and deaths can be prevented by early diagnosis and proper treatment by your health care providers. Pakistan has one of the best cardiologists giving services in different public and private sectors. You can book your appointment with the best cardiologist in Islamabad through Marham and discuss your health issues and risk factors with your doctor.
Some of the common guidelines that are given by the health experts to ensure your cardiac health are as follows:

Eat healthy:

Eating healthy is the key to good health. If you want to keep your heart healthy, you should eat lots of vegetables and fruits to get maximum nutrients that are essential for health. Eating less fatty and oily foods, low sodium intake, balanced carbohydrates, and more vitamins are essential for the heart’s health. It’s better to take healthy fats like Omega-3 which is present in fish and vegetable oils.

Quit smoking:

There is no excuse for smoking. When it comes to health, smoking is a big NO! Smoking has a lot of hazardous effects on your health. And one of the most important is its bad impact on your cardiovascular system. It damages the blood vessels and affects the brain and lungs that ultimately causes serious health issues.

Know your risk:

Heart issues run in your blood. If you have a family history of hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, ischemic heart disease, stroke, etc., you should be more vigilant about your heart’s health. Family history plays a vital role in the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases

Maintain a healthy weight:

Obesity itself is an ailment. Being overweight not only destroys your personality rather it also becomes the basic reason behind the health issues. According to health specialists, extra fat on your belly increases the risk of having heart diseases. Cutting off some extra pounds helps in reducing these risks. Controlling your diet and eating healthy are the 2 main options to control your weight.

Reduce your stress:

Your happiness keeps your heart happy. Wondering how it is linked? When you are stressed or in a state of anxiety, you do not take care of yourself. You practice bad lifestyle habits and do not focus on your healthy diet. In return, this stress leads you to health problems like heart diseases.

Keep a check on B.P and Cholesterol:

If you are hypertensive and your lipid profile (cholesterol) levels are poor, you should be worried about your heart. It is advisable to maintain your B.P and cholesterol in the normal range. High B.P increases the workload on your heart muscles, and this leads to the weakening of heart muscles. Similarly, high cholesterol leads to the deposition of fatty layers in your blood vessels. That again put pressure on the heart.
Cholesterol levels should be monitored once a year and for hypertensive patients every 6 months.

Do healthy activities:

Keep yourself busy in healthy activities like gardening, exercise, yoga, jogging or walking, etc. Adults who sit less during the daytime have fewer chances of getting heart diseases.

Do creative activities:

Creativity reduces your stress. Doing some knitting, solving puzzles, making handicrafts, etc. keeps you and your mind busy. This helps in reducing your stress and makes your mind relax. And on the other hand, these activities keep you healthy.

Regular heart checkups:

If you have a family history of heart diseases and you also have other risk factors like high blood pressure, smoking history, obesity, age; you should plan regular checkups with your doctor. Early diagnosis is always helpful in treating and curing any disease.
So, it is advisable to stay in touch with your doctor and show compliance with your doctor’s advice.

Any queries regarding your heart issues? You can consult your cardiologist online through Marham.

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