How Can You Find Doctor In Severe Urinary Infection?

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Soreness in urination is the worst thing of the day. If your day is started with this trouble then congratulations your day is totally screwed. We cannot relate this issue to a specific reason. Even diabetes patients sometimes also suffer from this issue.

In this article, we will sort of the major mystery and reason for urinary infection and soreness in urine. Actually, we all suffer from this ailment but feel shy to share if often because everyone is concerned about his/her privacy. Here are some major reasons which can cause this infection and you must keep them in mind.

Infection of the bladder.

First and major reason can be an infection of the bladder. There can be several reasons for this infection including poor hygiene level, lack of awareness, PCOS and gastric issues. Sexual intercourse is also one of the major reason for a bladder infection. It is important to get an appointment with the doctor before the infection gets worst. If you are facing such trouble while sitting in big crowdie city Karachi then you can book an appointment with the best gynecologist in Karachi from


Ladies who are experiencing menopause can also suffer through this. This is all natural and can happen with the majority of people. The reason behind this is a decline in circulating estrogen. During this stage, ladies must not ignore it and keep visiting a good gynecologist more often.

Sexual Activities.

Poor and unhealthy sexual activities are also a major cause. Precautions are always important to avoid any major issue. Urinary infection is not the only trouble you can face if adopting unhygienic sexual activities but there are many others.

Blockage in the urinary tract.

Blockage is also a reason and it concerned with our eating habits. If you are not drinking proper water or using more alcohol then you might experience blockage which further leads to soreness, redness, and infection.


If you are diabetic patient then due to loss of more water in high sugar level you can experience soreness and infection. For that reason, you must keep your diabetes at a moderate level.

These are the possible reason for urinary tract infection. If you are experiencing any soreness you must visit a good Urologist or gynecologist in Karachi, Lahore or any other big city.

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