How Marham Saved A Patient’s 20,000 Rupees In Just One Hour?

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In a country like Pakistan, where access to a qualified doctor is extremely difficult because of the long distances to hospitals and the waiting time you have to face, the online consultation service introduced by Marham is no less than a blessing. It enables a patient to talk to a qualified doctor through your phone at any time from anywhere and the patient’s feedback that we have received tells us that how healthcare was perceived has now been changed in Pakistan.

Here’s the story shared with us by a patient from Vehari who reckoned towards this service as the best service available in Pakistan. By just taking an online consultation, he saved his 20,000 rupees within an hour as well as his time.

“My mother has a serious neurological disorder for which we have been seeing a doctor in Lahore. We show her reports to the doctor after every 1.5 months for which we have to travel from Vehari to Lahore. I used to rent an ambulance for the travel of my mother which was almost an unbearable expense for me financially and the risk involved travel was huge. One day, I found out about the online consultation of Marham through their Facebook group. Instead of traveling this time, I took the online consultation with the same doctor through Marham which saved my time as well as the expenditure of worth 20,000 Rupees. I cannot be more thankful as this service has changed our lives” – Arshad Ali, Verified Patient

For years, people have suffered due to the problem of traveling long hours from rural or backward areas to the cities for consulting a doctor. In many cases, patients had to travel for hours just to show their reports to the doctor. The overseas Pakistanis have to wait for months to see a doctor and were also not able to show Pakistani doctors any more who are no less than competent than any other doctor in the world.

Now through Marham’s online consultation service, patients can get the healthcare service from the comfort of their home and get authentic advice from a doctor in a matter of a few minutes. Patients can visit the website, submit their details and get connected to qualified & authentic doctors over audio or video call. Even, our doctors are now giving consultations to International patients.


Marham is working on making the healthcare access easy and comfortable for patients in Pakistan. This service is very common in other countries like USA, UK, Canada where patients get themselves checked online. Now, Marham has introduced online consultation for the people of Pakistan so that the patients here can experience healthcare just like in foreign countries.

To book a session for yourself, visit Marham Online Consultation here:

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