How This Service Has Been A Blessing In The COVID19 Pandemic

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In the times of COVID19 pandemic when stepping out of the house feels like a sin (for some people at least), having provided with the services at your doorstep is mere happiness. Be it grocery, shopping for clothes, skincare products, every possible service is now provided us at home. But, the most required service at this time is consulting a doctor. No one ever thought about how difficult it would be to consult a doctor. COVID19 pandemic has made everything seem like a nightmare. Considering this, we decided to introduce you to a service which connects you to the doctor directly through texts without any hassle and leaving your home. For Free!

If you are one of those who are aware of this service, GREAT! and if you haven’t heard of it before, continue reading this article.

Can I Talk To A Doctor For Free?

Telemedicine is one of the most important services offered at this time. In pandemics and epidemics, where the doctors are mainly focusing on that specific disease, chances are that they may not pay proper attention to other issues. This is when we need telemedicine the most. Talking to doctors anywhere and anytime is what we need nowadays too. Consequently, has a very unique and useful feature even for those who can not afford to pay doctors, which is Marham forum. Marham Forum allows you to post your questions for even your smallest issues for any doctor at any time and that too without any charges. The team members then tag the relevant doctors on your questions so they can answer your query. If you feel your question hasn’t been answered properly, post again and talk to a different doctor at any time!.

How Can We Post A Question There?

1. Open Marham’s application and look for the option saying Ask Questions From Doctors


2. On Forum’s Main Page, go to Post and start writing your question.



3. Fill in your details and attach a picture of your reports, affected area or anything you want the doctor to examine.


4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions


5. Post your questions and then, find it in the section of Your Questions to see if the doctor has replied or not.


A Word From Marham

We have made consulting a doctor as easy as texting your friends just so you can stay indoors and keep yourselves and your families safe. To flatten the curve, we all must start acting like responsible citizens and start supporting the healthcare staff by following COVID19 protocols.

To talk to a doctor on a call, contact us at 03111222398 or if you want to post a query on our forum, install our app using the links given below!

IPhone Users

Android Users

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