How To Care For a Tooth After A Root Canal Treatment?

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Having excruciating pain in teeth and serious discomfort makes you think of what a dentist may recommend as treatment. If you have tooth damage and decay you may be scheduled for a root canal treatment also termed as endodontic therapy. This therapy aims at removing the infected pulp and sealing the hole to prevent further damage and decay. Your dentist can advise you If this treatment suitable for your condition or not.

What Are The Symptoms of Root Infection:

    • Most commonly experienced symptom of root infection is a pain. This pain can range from too severe. The intensity of the pain depends upon the extent of infection.
    • Pain in tooth aggravates during the day and when you use the tooth for chewing.
    • Sensitivity to hot and cold is another symptom of root infection.
    • Gums can also become affected by root infection. Swollen and tender gums near an aching tooth depict the presence of root infection.

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How Is A Root Infection Diagnosed?

The process of diagnosis is initiated by a proper dental examination. Your dentist will use several tools to examine the site of the problem. He may order an X-ray of your teeth to be taken to confirm the diagnosis. If the intensity of damage is severe you may be referred to an endodontist. He is an expert who deals with nerve damage. If the damage is not very serious you may also be offered some less invasive procedure for treatment.

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How To Take Care After A Root Canal:

The success rate of root canal treatment is very high. The tooth which undergoes this procedure can last with you for long. but it still needs proper care and hygiene to stay inside your mouth. Here are some tips to care for a tooth after the root canal.

    • Take your dental hygiene very seriously. Brush and floss regularly. Use a good antiseptic mouthwash to avoid any further infections.
    • Go for routine cleaning sessions with your dentist. This ensures properly cleaned teeth and can also help to catch dental problems earlier.
    • You should refrain from chewing and eating hard foods. Doing so can lead to damage to the tooth.

Vigilant care after a root canal means you can have your treated tooth with you for a lifetime.

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