How To Curb Your Binge-Eating After Eid?

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We have just celebrated Eid-ul-Adha and many of us have unleashed our inner beast on Eid dinners and barbeque parties. The flavor of that killer orange-gold biryani, the juicy and tangy piece of barbeque, that soft-textured seekh kebab with minty raita, the best combo of spices in desi mutton karahi, and the milky creamy kheer, and savaiyyan are so difficult to resist on Eid. However, now that the Eid is over, you should get back into your health act. Although in Pakistan, the Eid festivities and dawats continue even after the weeks of Eid but still you have to work on your health to maintain your overall well-being. Here are some incredible tips to keep in mind for not Binge-Eating after Eid.

1.Get Your Hands On Lemonade:

Lemonade is something that can instantly settle down anything in your stomach. Now so that you have eaten a lot of meat and other food items that can upset your stomach, mix lemon, mint, and water with honey. Sip it whenever you feel thirsty or even while having the food. Lemonade is fully packed with nutritional benefits, so try to avoid frizzy drinks and reach out for this cool and refreshing drink.

2.Cook Simple At Home:

It’s the time of the year when your deep freezers are packed with a lot of meat but it doesn’t matter you have to eat all of them in no time. You need to cook and eat simple food at home because it is important for your digestive system. And if dawat from your end is still pending then you can invite others for a healthy treat. Also, avoid visiting Eid festivals stalls, that way you could manage your good health easily.

3.Eat In Moderation:

It is very much important for you to control food portions. You can have things you like but in moderation. If you have food more than your capacity, share it with others. It is not necessary for you to eat all that food yourself. Don’t put your health at risk and distribute it among those in need.

4.Make Your Exercise A Priority:

Okay! So now is the time when you have to pat yourself on the back for making good food choices. Also, make exercise a priority and stick to your workout schedule. While you exercise your body releases endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. That helps improve your mood and keep you feeling healthy, fit, strong, and active. So, set your alarm, wake up early in the morning, and practice yoga or any other exercise that you would like to do.

Finally, always remember great health has a great impact on your life and overall well-being. Everything comes on second but health comes at first. So, make your health priority and treat it as a blessing. After going well with your health you will begin to see amazing benefits.

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