How To Gain Weight? 7 Easy Tips to follow!

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Are you underweight? And trying to increase some pounds on your body? Have you ever bullied for being too thin? I am here to give you some brilliant and easy tips to increase your weight within weeks.

Having a smart lean body is the dream of everyone. But being underweight is not a good choice. If you want to increase your weight, you should take more calories than a number of calories burnt by your metabolism. So you need to take more diet or you can say more calories to gain some weight.

Your dietitian or nutritionist is the person who can make a diet plan for you. You can consult the best dietitian in Karachi for your diet plan. And discuss your queries related to weight gain and the reasons behind your skinny body.

It is very important to rule out the root cause behind the underweight body while you think you are taking enough diet. So, maybe there is any medical condition that needs to be addressed first. As medical issues like hyperthyroidism, are also responsible for a lean body and hinder your weight gain.

Here are some easy tips to gain weight within weeks;

More frequent meals

When you are underweight, you easily become full while having meals. So try to take small portions of meals but 5-6 times a day. The frequency of meals gives you a maximum number of calories as needed by your body.

High-calorie meals

Don’t go for junk foods. High calories food can be healthy like you can take protein-rich foods like red beans, eggs, meat, and a high carb diet like cereals, brown rice, etc. you can take healthy fats that can be obtained from fish, nuts, avocado, vegetable oils, etc.

Use shakes and smoothies

Consume shakes and smoothies of fruits like banana, dates, mangoes, berries, etc. you can also make smoothies of different fruits and vegetables like spinach. In your smoothies, you can add nuts, peanut butter, milk, yogurt, etc.

Add toppings on your meals

Try to top your food with extra calories. Like you can top your scrambled egg with mushroom and cheese. Or you can add mashed potatoes to your steak. In this way, you are giving yourself more calories in a single portion of the meal.

Don’t drink water during meals

Drinking water during meals gives you a feeling of fullness. And you can’t eat more in this scenario. So try to drink water half an hour after your meal.

Do exercise

Doing exercise doesn’t mean you are burning your fats. Rather you are making your body active and you feel hungrier after doing good exercise.

Take multivitamins and supplements

Multivitamins help in utilizing some important nutrients by your body. So, you can take multivitamins when you are planning to gain weight. Similarly, if your weight is not gaining with your diet. You can add food supplements that can provide you a maximum number of calories.

It is important to rule out the calorie demand of your body and ask your dietitian whether you are underweight or not. Your health provider can guide you properly and helps you to find the reasons and their answers. So you can consult the best dietitian/ nutritionist of Karachi through Marham.

If you don’t want to visit your doctor, Marham has a solution to that. Now you can consult your health specialists through Marham online consultation platform. You can book your appointment with the doctors through Marham mobile app or from the website, and consult them online.

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