How To Get Relief When You Have Fractured Ribs?

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Although ribs are thin bones, they have an important role in protecting your lungs, heart, and chest cavity. If you fall or experience a blow to the chest, one or more ribs may be fractured, cracked, or bruised. Occasionally, you can end up hurting your ribs by severe coughing as well. Broken or fractured ribs are very painful but as they can’t be easily splinted or supported like other bones, so they are usually left to heal naturally. However, there are several things you can do to help ease the pain and speed up healing.

Take Pain Killers:

Regularly take painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen. Avoid giving aspirin to the children aged under 16.

Hold An Ice Pack To Your Chest:

Hold an ice pack or bag of frozen peas in a tea towel to the affected ribs. Do this regularly during the first few days to reduce the pain and swelling.

Take Rest:

If you’re experiencing severe pain then take off work if you need to. Take rest and avoid any harsh physical activity. If you need help from a physiotherapist then consult him through

Hold A Pillow Against Your Chest:

If need to cough then, hold a pillow against your chest. It will prevent your ribs from getting hurt or a blow again. If you have any breathing issues, consult with the best pulmonologist.

Breathe Normally And Move Your Shoulders:

As fractured ribs cause a severe pain, many people became conscious while breathing. You don’t need to this at all, in fact, breathe normally and cough when you need to. Also, move your shoulders occasionally, it will help you to breathe and clear mucus from your lungs.

Don’t Wrap A Bandage Around Your Chest:

It is a common mistake that most of the people make. However, it is a bad idea; don’t wrap a bandage tightly around your chest, as this will stop your lungs from expanding properly.

Also, avoid straining and lifting heavy objects until you start feeling less pain. Carrying heavy object may injure you further and take longer to recover fast. However, if things get worse or don’t improve within a few weeks then consult with the Orthopedic Surgeon.

Few Most Popular Orthopedic Doctors:

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