How To Get Rid Of Scratchy And Itchy Throat?

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Almost everyone experiences the annoyance of scratchy and Itchy Throat from time to time. It is very common but not a serious concern. Although it is not something to be worry of but the constant itch in a throat can make you feel extremely irritated especially when you are at work or trying to sleep at night. The itchy and scratchy throat can be caused by a wide variety of factors like food allergies, viral and bacterial infections, medication side effect, or dehydration. You can always find and consult with the best ENT specialist in Lahore through

Most of the times, you can manage your itchy throat with simple treatments or home remedies. But if you’re not so sure what to do to get rid of the scratchy and itchy throat then don’t worry and keep reading this article.

1.Gargle With Salt Water:

The best and evergreen formula to get rid of the scratchy and itchy throat is gargling with warm salt water. It can really help you soothe a scratchy throat because salt pulls the mucus out of your swollen, inflamed tissues. And eventually, it helps relieve the discomfort occurring in your throat. So, next time don’t forget to try our grandmother’s favorite cure!

2.Lemon Honey Tea:

As the throat often choked due to infection, warm liquids really do wonders and help relax the itchy area. You can have a cup of warm tea with a few drops of lemon and a spoonful of honey. It will keep your throat hydrated and can help soothe your irritated throat. If you want to book an online appointment with the best ENT specialist in Karachi, visit

Itchy throat
Itchy throat

3.Breathe In the Steam:

You can use a humidifier but if you don’t have one then you can still get relief from moist air. You can create steam by running hot water in the shower or into a sink. Breath in the steam and this will help reduce the swelling and ease the irritation of the itchy and scratchy throat. You can also lean your head over boiling water pot to get the steam. Just make sure you turn off the stove and don’t touch the water.

4.Apple Cider Vinegar:

You can drink apple cider vinegar to get rid of the scratchy and itchy throat. It will soothe your throat and may help you recover quickly. If you don’t like its taste then you can dilute it in water. You can also find and consult with the best ENT specialist in Islamabad through

Itchy throat
Itchy throat

These remedies will surely help you to get rid of your scratchy and itchy throat. But still, if the cause of your itchy throat becomes more serious then talk to your doctor and get a prescription.

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