How To Increase Hemoglobin? – 4 Natural Ways

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Hemoglobin is an iron-rich protein present in red blood cells. It is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body and that’s why it is necessary for each one of you to maintain normal levels of this in your blood. It shouldn’t be increased or decreased from its level for your body to function properly. Because most of the people suffer from low hemoglobin count, in this article we learn about the ways to raise its level. Having a low hemoglobin level can cause weakness, dizziness, shortness of breath, and rapid heartbeat. If your level of hemoglobin has decreased significantly, consult with the best hematologist and get the proper treatment.

However, if you’re looking for the natural ways to increase your hemoglobin, then you must follow these 4 ways.

1.Increase Your Iron Intake By Eating Iron-Rich Foods:

If you have reduced levels of this then you may benefit from eating more iron-rich foods. Iron plays an important role in hemoglobin production and iron deficiency is the most common cause of low hemoglobin levels. So, to resolve both issues you should just start eating iron-rich foods such as spinach, beans, broccoli, grapefruit, watermelon, green peas, chicken liver, almonds, raisins, whole grains, guavas, apricot, apples, eggs, and cabbage.

2.Increase Your Folate Intake:

Folate is a type of vitamin B. This makes red blood cells. It plays an essential part in its production and if you do not get enough folate, its deficiency will automatically lead to a low level of it. Some good sources of folate are rice, peanuts, avocados, lettuce, kidney beans, beef, and peanuts.

3.Avoid Things That Decrease Iron Absorption:

Now, this is something tricky because calcium from both supplements and food sources can make it harder for your body to absorb iron. However, calcium is also important for your body and you can’t eliminate it completely. So, just avoid calcium supplements and try not to eat more calcium-rich foods. Also, avoid drinking coffee, tea, and cola drinks because they can too block your body’s ability to absorb iron.

4.Exercise Daily:

It is highly recommended to exercise daily, especially if you have low hemoglobin count. Because when you exercise, your body produces more hemoglobin to meet the increasing demand for oxygen throughout the body.

Moreover, eat a balanced diet and ensure you get a daily supply of all essential nutrients. You can also get help from a physician to improve your diet and exercise for increasing hemoglobin count.

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