How To Increase White Blood Cells?

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What is white blood cells?

White Blood Cells are the cells that fight against infections in the body. There are many types of white blood cells including leukocytes, lymphocytes, and neutrophils. Lymphocytes take a bit longer to recognize the attack of new substance whereas Neutrophils directly defend against bacterial infections.

Symptoms of Low White Blood Cells. You can also book the best hepatologist in Lahore from
When there are low blood cells in the body it will react in various ways. Reduction of blood cells either it is white or red can ultimately lead to blood loss and other fatal diseases. Some major symptoms of low blood cells are.

    • Swelling in body parts.
    • Coughing.
    • Sinus or Nasal drainage.
    • Chills or shakiness.
    • Sudden or unexplained pain.

Severe symptoms also include dizziness and burning in urination.

Risk Factors.

In low or high white blood cells there can be severe risk factors and fatal diseases can occur. These include Liver diseases, HIV, Bone marrow disorder, infections, and lupus.
Here are the tips to increase or balance these blood cells in the body.

blood cells
blood cells

Green tea.

Green tea can help you increase the white blood cell. White blood cells are actually playing part in the immune system of the body. Green tea helps in better metabolism and immune system. We can replace green tea with detox tea because both have the same effects on the body. You can also book the best hepatologist in Karachi from

Vitamin C

There are many vegetables and fruits that can give us vitamin C. Carrots is a gift in winters and it not only improves these blood cell but red blood cells as well. Orange juice is also a big source of vitamin C. Similarly Celery, beetroot and spinach also help in improving white blood cells.

blood cells
blood cells

Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Fish, Salmon, and flax oil can be the best source of omega 3 and fatty acids. These fatty acid protect the body from overreacting toward infections and improve these blood cells.


Yogurt is also a good source of improving or balancing the level of White blood cells. These cells thus protect the body from body aches, minor headache, stuffy nose, and itchy throat. You can also book the best hepatologist in Pakistan from

White blood cells just act like a firefighter in the body. Excess or reduction of these cells can destroy the immune system and ultimately destroy other parts as well.

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