How To Lose Weight With Tough Office Routine?

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“Oh God, this Chair is so annoying”. How many of you thought this way while working and sitting in an office chair? Actually, all of us get tired of this seating in a tough and boring environment. We also get tired of unintentional anxiety and hypertension created by the workload and time issues.

In this situation, it’s hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Bulky tummy, fast heartbeat rate, and double chin can ruin the personality as well. If you are finding something that can maintain your health without disturbing your work life then you are at the right platform. Let’s just find out that how can we lose weight and not get too fat without disturbing work routine. Here are some real ninja tips that we must know.

Water and Lots of Water

Our body needs at least 8 glass of water just at the start of the day. Now recall the time when you had 3 glass of water in the morning. Okay! I guess we can hardly have one glass of water and some of us don’t even bother drinking even 1 glass. If you want to keep yourself healthy and tones body. You need to consume 2.5-liter water per day. Believe it or not, a  Good nutritionist also recommends the same thing.

Snacks and Proteins.

There is a common habit in working class that they keep snacks on the table and keep chewing. Either you need to quite this habit or use some really healthy snacks like protein bars, walnuts, and whole wheat snacks. “Doritos” is a personal favorite suggestion.

Say No to Junk Food.

Here junk food not only means all the burgers and pizzas. Eating Curry from a “Tandoor” is also a bad option. Take out some time for yourself a night before going office and make some healthy meal for next day lunch. You can add Salad with a chicken fillet or a simple bran bread sandwich as well. Using homemade food is not only hygienic but can prevent fatness as well.

Stand at Your Desk.

Sounds weird? Standing at your desk means do not keep sitting for like straight 4 hours. Keeps taking short breaks. Stand and walk while working after every 30 minutes. Walking can prevent you from a high blood sugar level that is the major cause behind fatness and weight gain. You can know more about good blood sugar level and it’s maintenance through an Endrocronologist. 

Above All Exercise.

Take out time in the morning or in the evening for exercise. One cannot simply lose weight without exercise and walk. Exercise can be the best option when you actually feel it. Our hormones want to feel the effort we are doing to get slim. Get up and plan your routine. Take help from the best nutritionist and say goodbye to the fat body.

Keep your body toned at least before the age of 30. Obesity is the root cause of many diseases and even worse when you are obese before 30.

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