How To Stop Hair Fall? Know 7 Easy Tips!

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Are you facing severe hair fall during these humid summers? Are you afraid to brush your hair to avoid the horrific sight of a brush full of hair? If yes, then you should find out the reason behind this hair fall and spare your 2 minutes to read this article to know some valuable tips to stop your hair fall.

Hair fall is not only due to the humid environment only, rather a lot of conditions can lead you to hair loss. May b your underlying medical issue, that you are not well-aware of or any hair care product that you are using, is a root cause of this problem. You should visit your dermatologist if the situation is not under control. You can consult the best dermatologists in Lahore to resolve your hair fall problem.

Beautiful healthy hair is the dream of every woman. Not even women, men are also keen to have them. But it needs a lot of effort to maintain your hair health with the age, especially when you have no great family history of healthy hair.

So, here are some tips and natural remedies to stop your hair fall;

A good shampoo and conditioner:

Shampoo containing zinc in it is good for your hair. On the other hand, avoid using shampoos containing strong chemicals like paraben and sulfates. Daily washing your hair with shampoo is also not advisable. Rather you should shampoo your hair thrice a week. Similarly, the use of a good conditioner also helps in detangling the hair and avoid breakage.

Healthy diet:

Nutritious diet not only helps in maintaining good body health but also enhances the quality of your hair. Eating raw fruits and vegetables with proper protein diet like egg, meat, milk, etc., helps in hair growth.


Oiling your hair once a week enhances the blood circulation in your scalp. It helps in hair growth. Different oils like almond oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, olive oil, etc. can be used in combination and separately to get better results.

Use of egg, yogurt, and lemon:

You can make a hair mask by blending some yogurt with one egg and little drops of lemon juice. This provides nutrition to your hair and reduces dandruff on your scalp.

Aloe Vera:

You can use aloe vera gel to stop hair fall. It enhances hair growth. You can rub the aloe vera gel on your scalp and leave it for 30 minutes. And then wash your hair to get the results.

Onion juice:

Onion juice contains a high amount of sulfur that increases the blood circulation to the hair follicles. It promotes hair growth and decreases hair fall.


By providing your hair scalp acidic environment, you can decrease dandruff and hair fall. The use of vinegar or lemon juice in diluted form after the hair wash gives the best results in the hair care regimen.

Treating your underlying issues:

If the hair fall is due to the hormonal imbalance like in thyroid dysfunction or PCOs, then you should resolve that issue first to control your hair fall.

Your dermatologist can identify and diagnose the reasons behind your hair fall. You can consult the best dermatologists in Lahore through Marham. It is better to control your hair fall at the early stages to avoid severe hair loss and baldness.

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