5 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Husband and Wife Relationship

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Are you tired and bored of the relationship between you and your spouse? Do you want to reignite the spark you once had in your relationship? Do you want the exciting husband and wife relationship you once had, back? If yes, then you are not alone.

Many married couples, after a few years into the marriage, lose all the spark and excitement they once felt. This fading away of excitement might not be a bad thing, as it is as normal as ageing.

Keeping the husband and wife relationship alive with fading health and tiring minds is often difficult. But the victory is to transition the relationship from passionate to compassionate, not from passionate to non-existent.

Despite the decreasing rate of arranged marriages the divorce rate is increasing, in Pakistan. This shows that arranged marriages- not to be confused with forced marriages, were never the culprit. It’s what you put into the relationship after, that matters.

In countries like Pakistan, divorce is not the only indicator of a bad husband and wife relationship, people often decide to stay in bad marriages just for the sake of society or their children.

But you can work on your husband and wife relationship to keep your marriage healthy and alive and to reignite the spark you once had.


Husband and Wife Relationship

Tips For A Better Husband And Wife Relationship

Following tips can be used by people facing issues in their husband and wife relationship.

1. Understanding Your Partners Love Language

Have you ever noticed your partner, not appreciating your gestures of affection? Well, your partner is not to be blamed for this.

It might be, that your partner feels the same and thinks that you don’t appreciate them enough. Here, both of you are not at fault, because you simply don’t understand each other’s language of love.

There are five different types of love languages; words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. Some people like receiving affection in the form of loving words, some want you to spend a good time with them and some might want you to show love through touch.

Understanding the love language of your partner will let you spend your energy in the right direction, so your partner may actually cherish the gesture you show.

2. Be Equal Partners

To maintain a healthy marriage it is important to be equal in rights and responsibilities. Living in Pakistan, due to misconceptions regarding the religion of choice people often tend to suppress the rights and needs of their partner.

They tie themselves in a leader and follower relationship which can be detrimental for the marriage, in the long run. This is not to counter any teachings of the religion, but to highlight the importance of equal needs and wants for both the partners.

A husband and wife should be equal partners in the decision-making process as well. The division of labour in the house and relationship should be so, that no one gets overloaded with responsibility.

The same goes with wants and desires, equal importance and due attention should be given to both partners in this regard.

3. Negotiate Conflict

Conflict in marriages is as normal as breathing. But solving the conflict wisely is the key to a healthy marriage. A conflict, not resolved in time can lead to harmful physical and mental stress.

The basis for resolving a conflict is to understand the problem itself and then devising ways to discuss it with your partners.

4. Be Intimate

Exploring intimacy with your partner will open new realms of closeness and trust in your marriage. This intimacy can be emotional or physical. Intimacy is often associated with a physical relationship only, but another un-ignorable aspect of intimacy is emotional intimacy.

Letting your partner confine in you without the fear of judgment will let you both bond at another level of closeness.

The joint family system and undue pressure by society must have dragged you and your partner apart. You are expected to keep a relationship with your spouse just for the good of your children and families.

But to ignite a spark in your marriage it is necessary to go against society and show affection to your spouse, for no apparent reason. Physical intimacy is almost as important as emotional intimacy and will help reignite the spark in your lost marriage.

5. Build Trust

You can only work on your marriage if you believe that your partner is here for good. The same goes for your partner, they will only put effort into the marriage if they feel secure regarding your presence and involvement. Trusting your partner in every aspect of life is vital to every marriage.

If your partner does not trust you, it might not be their fault only. Look into yourself and eliminate everything that may cause your partner to ever doubt you. Good communication is the key to trust-building and blind trust is essential to a healthy marriage.

The bottom line is, that there is no single formula for a healthy marriage. Several components marry together to bring a healthy and exciting marriage.

It is essential to work on every single component on your own. But no amount of random suggestions can work as well as professional counseling from a professional psychologist or sexologist, depending upon where your marriage lacks.

FAQs About Husband and Wife Relationship

1. What Defines A Healthy Relationship Between A Husband And Wife?

The two basic parameters to define a healthy marital relationship are fulfilled emotional and physical needs. The lack of either of these indicates an unhealthy relationship and should be worked on.

2. How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Spouse?

The key to improving any relationship is to communicate effectively. effective communication will dig out deeper issues and will solve the issues too.

3. What Are The Most Important Characteristics Of A Good Marriage?

The most important characteristics of a good marriage are

  • Effective communication
  • Trust on your partner
  • Satisfied physical needs
  • Fulfilled emotional needs
  • Ability to resolve conflict

4. How To Be A Good Spouse?

The key to being a good husband or wife is to understand your partner. Understanding your partner will give you a deeper insight into the positives and negatives of your relationship. This will allow you to resolve the conflict in a better way.

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