I Have Continued My Sports Activities, Is It Safe In COVID19?

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With all the hassle and COVID19 lockdown, the most we’ve missed on is our sports and outdoor activities. As the activities are going back to normal, most I’ve been excited about is the sports activities. Along with the excitement of returning back to the normal, there’s also a constant fear, wondering whether if it actually safe to go back. Many gyms and sports clubs have already started functioning normally but who knows if they’re properly disinfected or not.

Before stepping back in the gyms, sports activities, and other extracurricular we need to make sure to follow a few protocols of safety to prevent the virus from spreading.

Eager to go back to your fitness routine? make sure you consider these few questions before you finally decide to join back.

1. The Type Of Sports You Are Playing

In the times of COVID19, the sports activities are categorized into two basic categories, low risk, and high-risk category.

Low Risk

The sports that allow us to play as an individual and maintains social/ physical distancing i.e golf, cycling, tennis, and badminton are considered to be less risky.

High Risk

Whereas, sports such as basketball, wrestling, and cricket involve a lot of close contacts which can carry a high risk of spreading COVID19 bacteria is considered unsafe and not preferable.

2. Are You Sharing Equipment?

Sports activities such as racket sports and are less risky as you are not required to share equipment. On the other hand, sports activities such as basketball and cricket that is played with a shared ball might transmit the virus very easily.

3. Players And Athletes In Contact With Each other?

The activities which include limited exposure and contact with other players is considered safe as you can be careful about the social distancing and other precautionary measures. So, if you are opting for a sport that does not include close contact with other players, you are safe to play. Try to avoid those activities that can put you in close contact with another player for an extended period of time.

4. Indoor Or An Outdoor Sport

Training areas such as halls and gymnasiums are areas that also can impact a lot of risks. According to the data, COVID19’s most spread areas are considered indoor spaces because they have poor ventilation. Hence, indoor sports are riskier in any case. If you plan to focus on your fitness, prioritize outdoor venues for sports.

5. Depends On How Many Players Are Playing Together

The more chance you get to interact with people, the greater risk of catching the COVID19 virus you are at. In this situation, prefer training with small teams which will enable you to take care of your social distancing and COVID19 precautionary measures.

6. Are You Required To Travel?

In the times of the COVID19 pandemic, it is recommended to stay with your community as much as you can and travel with the only. If you are planning to travel, travel to those areas that do not have more COVID-19 cases because it could increase the chance of transmission and spread.

7. Make Sure You Are Wearing Face Masks

Wearing a mask or face coverings is the safest and easiest way to reduce the spread of COVID19 as it prevents respiratory droplets. If you are participating in a sports event, it can be extra important as at the events, the coaches and players communicate in louder volumes or chant frequently. This can transmit the virus and if we are wearing face coverings, it’ll be easier for us to stay safe and keep others safe.

8. Following COVID19 Safety Precautions?

If you are at a practice, make sure you preach others about social distancing, other precautionary measures in order to create safer environments for everyone. Everyone needs to work together to help everyone stay healthy and safe. Be careful, if people around you are not following these precautions, it means the whole team at risk. Remember to be a good teammate and follow the new safety rules.

9. Make Sure You Are Taking Care Of The Following Tips

Undoubtedly, participating in a sports activity or any other extracurricular promotes health but in the time of COVID19, it can have adverse effects. Exercising can improve our immune system and can also improve our mental health. But we should not forget the risks involved during the pandemic, and make sure the chance of being exposed to and spreading the virus can be kept to a minimum.

10. Feeling Difficult To Get Back On The Routine And Running Low On Energy?

It has been months since we are locked at our houses and are away from all the extracurricular activities. The time is finally here that we start getting back to our routines. Be it work routine, school, sports activities, or anything else. As it has been a long time since we last enjoyed a good sports match, getting back to it might make you feel you’re running low on energy or are being lethargy. If that happens, don’t worry as it is quite normal, get yourself back on a good healthy diet and regain all that energy you’ve lost. Don’t know what to eat for good energy? no need to worry as Marham.pk can help you to connect to the right nutritionist through audio or a video call.

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