I have got Coronavirus Disease! Now What to do?

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Coronavirus disease is on the nerves of every person and the odds are that many people will be diagnosed with it. It could be me, you, or anyone in our family or friends. First and foremost we must know and understand that panic will be of no good. Staying calm will help your body to fight off this virus more effectively. We all know stress can itself can damage the brain and body which is the least desirable thing in these circumstances.

Let’s have a look at some of the practical measures a person can take once diagnosed positive with the coronavirus.

Do not rush to Hospital

Yes, it will worry you intensely receiving a report stating positive results for coronavirus. But accept and head to the next steps that you should take immediately. You do not need to go and knock at a doctor’s or a visit a hospital just yet. Below are the important steps you should take which will help you and others more than visiting a hospital for now.

Practice Home Isolation

First things first. Knowing you are affected with world-famous coronavirus prepare immediately for getting isolated in your own house. Preferably choose a room with an attached bath and the one that has good ventilation. If you don’t happen to have a separate room consider making a makeshift cabin with plastic sheets or other nonporous material that is easy to disinfect. Getting isolated is important whatever works for you do it right away.

Disinfection is Important

Once you are isolated in a separate room consider disinfecting the room and all the surfaces. Do this every day. Keep a sanitizer handy. Use a good household disinfectant for floors and surfaces. Cover extra furniture and remove stuff that you do not need. If there are mats drugs consider removing these as well.

Wash hands often

Isolation does not undermine the importance of washing hands frequently. You will be able to reduce the number of viruses on you by washing hands and this will prevent reinfection as well. Avoid touching your nose, eyes, and mouth. if you must wash hands immediately before and after doing so.

See this video to know how to wash hands effectively.

When you cough or sneeze

Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze with a cloth or tissue. And wash hands afterward.

Protect others

You should not move out of your room unless i is unavoidable. Wear a mask and gloves if you must move out. Maintain 6 feet distance from others. Avoid handshaking and close physical contact.

Dietary Ingredients That can help

Having a well-balanced diet is important than ever. A proper diet will help you keep up with the demanding situation your body and the immune system is going through. There are many studies that claim the effectiveness of certain dietary ingredients in the case of COVID-19. One of these is vitamin C. The use of this vitamin is advocated to help in relieving symptoms and improving immunity against coronavirus. Healthy people are also advised to use this vitamin as a prophylactic measure. Similarly, the use of a high protein diet is also advised to patients with coronavirus disease. Since this is a novel disease we need more information and in-depth studies to confirm these effects of diet in patients.

Gargling and Steam Inhalation

Use warm saline water to gargle and settle the itch. This will help you clearing your throat and thinning the mucus making you feel better. The same is the case for steam inhalation. Do this twice a day. It will aid in recovery from the infection.


Sit in the sunlight daily preferably in the morning for at least two hours. Sunlight helps to decrease virus load on your body. It is also a source of vitamin D which is very important in the fight against this infection.

Do not share personal items

Keep your eating utensils, glass, bed sheets, towels, and clothes separate from other family members. Wash these thoroughly after use.

Monitor Your fever and breathing

Although it is not advised to visit a doctor or hospital right away it is important to keep an eye on your symptoms. Common symptoms are cough and fever. Fever should settle within 3-4 days after symptoms appear. If at any time you experience trouble breathing call your doctor and visit them.

Use telemedicine to talk to your doctor

While you are not advised to visit a hospital you may still feel the need to contact a doctor for proper guidance about your specific condition. You can use telemedicine services by Marham for consulting a doctor through audio or video consultation. Stay connected with your healthcare provider from the comfort of your home without putting the life and safety of others at stake.

Remember telemedicine cannot cater to your needs in case of emergencies and life-threatening situations. do not rely on these services in cases where you need immediate life saving medical interventions.

How to end home isolation?

Patients with coronavirus disease who have stayed at home and want to end home isolation can do so in the following conditions:

If you have not gone a lab test:

You have no fever at all for the last three days. You will take your body temperature without the use of medicines for fever.
Allied symptoms like cough and breathing difficulty have settled.
It should be after at least 7 days of having the first symptoms of coronavirus disease.

In case you have a had lab test:

You can end home isolation if you had two consecutive tests that show negative results. Both of these should be 24hours apart.

You have no fever and you are not using anti febrile medicines any ore.
You have no other symptoms like cough and breathing problems.

When Should you Go to the Hospital?

People who are among high-risk groups and those who feel breathing difficulty should immediately consult a doctor and visit the hospital as advised. However, if you are young and healthy otherwise you can manage your initial symptoms at home easily. If you need help and guidance you can talk to a doctor online through telemedicine. The use of telemedicine is advised internationally as well. In Pakistan, this service can be availed through the Marham platform.

We wish all the people safety and those suffering a speedy and sound recovery. Take care.

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