Importance Of Online Doctors In COVID-19

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Nowadays, the communication gap between the patients and doctors has been reduced, thanks to the advancements in technology. Especially in the times of COVID19 pandemic, it can be very difficult to get an appointment with primary care doctors and specialists. The waiting list can be long and even getting appointments pre-booked does not guarantee a quick appointment. In this time, the best possible option is to opt for online doctors. Telemedicine can help bring you and the doctor together more efficiently.

Can Consult Without Leaving Your Houses

In the times of COVID19 pandemic when you fear of catching the virus when going to hospitals, these doctors offer you a to talk to them through a video call or text. This keeps you from going out and also you get all the required attention through online consultations.

Save Your Transport Cost

Opting for telemedicine or online doctors has its own perks, one of them is that it saves you all the transport cost which you could’ve used when visiting them in person. Online consultations save you from all that extra traffic and fuel costs. So why go out when you can consult a doctor while being at home?

Have Your Privacy

Consulting online doctors gives you a chance to maintain your privacy and consult them being in your comfort zone. Going to clinics and hospitals sometimes do not leave you with an option and you might have to give up on your privacy.

Keep You Safe From The Virus

Talking to the doctors through the phone is the best way to be safe from the virus. Hospitals and clinics nowadays are a hub of virus and germs. If you want to keep yourself and your family safe from being exposed to the COVID19 germs, consult the doctors online.

Do Not Have To Wait

Going to hospitals and clinics makes us go all through that traffic and still, we have to wait before seeing a doctor. Sometimes, the waiting time is in hours too. Whereas, when we talk to the doctors through online consultation, you don’t have to wait more than 5-10 minutes. Who wants to wait for hours when you can talk to the doctor in minutes.


To talk to the doctors through online consultation, call at 03111222398 and book your appointment in minutes. Furthermore, if you’re looking forward to video consultation, install Marham’s app by using the following links.

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Stay Home Stay Safe!

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