Important Tips for Asthma Patients in Pakistan

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Asian Pacific Society of Respiratory has reported that Pakistan has an extremely poor level of asthma control as more than 20 percent of grown-ups and more than 30 percent of youngsters reported at least 2 serious asthma attacks for each year. You can find the best doctor for asthma in Lahore via

Important Tips for Asthma Patients in Pakistan


Asthma is the most well-known chronic malady and most asthma-related deaths happen in low-and lower-middle pay nations like Pakistan. So as to lessen the disease trouble we require community-oriented efforts by spreading awareness among the general population.

Here are some important tips that might help you to cope with this chronic disease:

Keep An Asthma Journal:

  • Consistently, track your asthma symptoms to get a handle on your condition. This can enable you to find your triggers and see patterns in your attacks.
  • Your journal may incorporate data like any asthma signs you encountered that day, what you were doing and where you were at the moment of your attack, your prescription, your eating routine, exercise and so forth.
  • Keeping all of this significant information in one place will enable you and your specialist to reduce or counteract future attacks.

Get Some Sun:

  • In spite of its name, Vitamin D is really a steroid hormone that our bodies create when we get enough daylight. Many researchers highlight that Vitamin D plays an important role in treating asthma.
  • As we all know, Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones, muscles, heart, mind, and lungs.


Avoid Smoke:

  • Smoke is injurious to health. It is the most powerful trigger of asthma symptoms.
  • Smoke irritates the air-routes and damages tiny hair-like structures in the air-routes which are responsible to remove dust and mucus.
  • Smoke prompts the lungs to produce more mucus, which could trigger an asthma attack. To find and consult with the best pulmonologist in Karachi visit
  • Smoke from fireplace and burning stove can also set you up for an asthma attack. So it is in your best interest to avoid smoke as much as you can.

Reduce Stress:1q

  • Being a Pakistani, we are more prone to take the stress. While chronic stress isn’t healthy for anyone, especially if you’re asthma patient.
  • 69% of asthma patients can trigger their asthma due to their overstressed condition.
  • Try exercises, meditation and breathing techniques to reduce stress.

Remove Your Allergens:

  • Many asthma patients have allergies. It is not possible to make your home 100% allergy free but try to eliminate as many allergens as possible.
  • Dust mites, animal dander, and pollens can all carry on an asthma attack.
  • Do your best to remove all these triggers to get better control over your asthma attacks and symptoms. Visit to consult with best chest specialist in Lahore.

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