In COVID19 Pandemic, Are We Ignoring Other Fatal Diseases?

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COVID19 has got us troubled in so many ways. Be it psychological, physical, economical or social life and we can not do anything about it as yet. Everyone is affected by the pandemic in one way or another. Everyone knows someone who’s been furloughed, laid off, or lost their position. I think people are impacted both directly from the virus as well as indirectly through the economic fallout. There is another aspect of this pandemic which we are ignoring. That is the other fatal diseases which need more or less equal attention as COVID19.

How Are Other Diseases Overshadowed By COVID19

Since the beginning of this pandemic, all we are thinking about is to how we should tackle it. The concern and efforts towards this are justified, that is the requirement of this time, but let’s not forget the others suffering from fatal diseases. Due to the irresponsibility of our public and their false denials towards this condition, all our doctors are now focusing on is COVID19. Lack of responsibility towards this situation is leading us towards mass destruction which we haven’t foreseen. The efforts made towards it might take us out of this pandemic somehow but there is much more to it. The people who’re suffering from cancers and other life-threatening diseases are being ignored, that too because we can not let go of our fun.

Paying proper attention towards sick ones in the hospital is definitely a responsibility of our doctors but what would they do if they’re overburdened with the excessive inflow of a contagious disease. If they are unable to attend other illnesses, that is on us, not on them. In case you want your loved ones to be properly taken care of, start acting responsibly and start following SOPs. If not, do not expect the doctors to attend your non-COVID19 patients.

Diseases We’re Ignoring

In the result of this excessive COVID19 outbreak, people awaiting chemotherapies, dialysis and mandatory checkups are still not being attended in the hospital as they should be.

Other life-threatening diseases which are overshadowed by COVIID19 are:

  • Cancer
  • Tuberculosis
  • Dengue
  • Asthma
  • Aids

These patients and their families are waiting to be attended in hopes of seeing their loved ones recover. Unfortunately, even being at a higher risk of catching COVID19, many of them are sent home.

A Word From Marham

If you are one of those who are not being attended by the doctors at hospitals or are suggested to stay at home, consult your doctor through telemedicine. By the help pf, you can now talk to your doctor through a video call.

To talk to a doctor now, call at 03111222398 or for a video call, install the app from the link given below.

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