5 Ways to Increase Platelets Count in Dengue Fever

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Due to the recent spikes in the death of patients are due to dengue hemorrhagic fever, there is a growing need of increasing the preventive measures that can help in avoiding the manifestation of worst dengue symptoms.

The dengue virus attacks the body’s immune system such that it is unable to produce white blood cells to combat the evolving virus, as well as results in lowering of the platelets count. In a normal human being, the platelet count is 150,000 to 450,000 per microliter of blood. However, in the patient diagnosed with dengue, the platelets are reduced to almost 150,000 per microliter.

Some of the following home remedies have been shown to be effective in helping to increase the platelet count observed during dengue.

5 Ways to Increase Platelets Count in Dengue Fever (1)


According to the research conducted in 2009, papaya leaf juice can help in the alleviation of the platelets count diagnosed with dengue fever. Either you can take the juice with a little bit of lemon juice twice or thrice in a day. You could also grind the papaya leaves using a pestle and mortar to extract its juice and drink 2 tablespoons of it twice daily.


Being rich in Vitamin A, it supports the development of platelets and regulates the production of proteins in the cells which aid it in the process.


Being rich in Vitamin K, the intake of spinach helps in treating the low platelet count and help in improved clotting of the blood and hence reduces the instances of profuse bleeding. Boil 4 to 5 leaves of spinach in roughly 2-3 cups of water for only a few minutes and allow them to cool down. Then mix it with half-a-glass of tomato juice and drink thrice every day.

Vitamin C:

High doses of vitamin C helps in preventing the damage to the platelets by working as a powerful antioxidant. Therefore regular consumption of lemons, oranges, tomatoes, cantaloupes, kiwi and broccoli etc. can boost your platelet regeneration and restore platelets count.


Much like Vitamin C, beetroot also has greater antioxidant and hemostatic properties and therefore it can help in raising the platelet count in a few days. Either it can be taken 1 tablespoon 3 times daily or its 3 tablespoons can be mixed in a glass of carrot juice and taken twice daily.

Following these simple remedies can help restore your platelet count and help you in alleviating the symptoms for dengue fever.

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Norin Chaudhry

The writer is a PhD in the Department of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology, at Iowa State University in the lab of Gustavo C. MacIntosh.

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