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It’s a heartache. It really hurt when someone from the family gets up and starts criticizing. Yes! WE all Pakistani’s are more like a family. Together we can build a better or the worst home to live in. It’s our choice that what we are up to.

Have you ever thought that instead of criticizing why don’t we come out and take some incredible action? But as there is a different kind of people in a family so in this family (PAKISTAN) we still have people that do not just criticize. They are actually contributing to the progress of their homeland.

In this season of AZAADI Let’s just admire the endless effort of superheroes that are making Pakistan proud. Before revealing the story let’s just talk a little bit about our healthcare situations.

Past (Struggling).

There was a time when even a heart bypass was a rare thing in Pakistan. More worrying fact about this was there were rare people who successfully went through the surgeries. Obviously, there was a lot of factors that affect the success rate of surgeries. These facts include less amount of facilities and equipment. Another factor was less highly qualified and experienced doctors too.

Present (Mechanical Heart Transplant).

Luckily, with the struggle and contributions of our selfless family member (DOCTORS) has done something really incredible for us. Now there is no need to spend a lot of money and go out of the country for treatment. In Pakistan first mechanical heart transplant has successfully done. This transplant has done in National Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases by Dr Pervez Chaudhry and his team on the patient of 62 years. With the blessing of God, this transplant is one of the best achievements in Pakistan done in healthcare.

Future (Brighter).

Predicting the future of Pakistan’s healthcare is just like enhancing the hope of this beautiful family. It won’t be wrong to say that the future of medical healthcare is brighter than before.

All the credit goes to our selfless, enthusiastic an incredible doctors that are serving humanity and their homeland.

Few Most Popular Cardiologist:

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